Stainless Steel Nail Cutters

On the review manicure 5-inch stainless steel nippers.
Packaging - blister on cardboard backing:

There are no pliers, covers and cases only, but there is a plastic cap for safe transportation:

At first glance, the pliers look very nice, no flare on the details:

Nippers are completely made of steel, between the arms there is a steel arch, which acts as a spring mechanism for returning the arms to the diluted state:

The handle can be thrown into the “not working” position, thus it will allow the tool to be folded more compactly:



A little detail close-up:
Knot of fastening of a handle:

The stop of the handle - there is a spring here for the smooth running of the handles and reducing the friction of the parts:

Polished handles:

From the inside:

Sponges have a curved shape. The cutting edges are very sharp:

At the base closer to the hinge are not ideally reduced to zero, however, without skewing:


Connection of two halves on a rivet, no backlash:

Nippers are positioned mainly for trimming the cuticles, I don’t already have them, so I trained on PVC wire insulation:

In general, they bite perfectly, due to the curved cutting part it is convenient to trim flush.
+ Fully steel construction
+ Thick steel spring bow
+ Smooth operation of the mechanism
+ Quality sharpening, metal processing