The machine on the radio Lamborghini Gallardo, Radio Control Car 1:18

Good day to all! The other day my first parcel arrived on Aliexpress. For the sake of experiment, I ordered a budget product, which would not be so offensive if it did not come.
I ordered a toy on September 23, I received it on my hands on October 25.RA295695629CN. The whole package was not crumpled

I bought it for 13.50 bucks. I think that a good value for money.
Soft plastic body therefore kicks feetshe is not afraid of a chair. The rubber tires on plastic discs hold the road well on any surface, though it slips on the carpet. It does not leave a trace. When headlights move, the headlights light up. Charging holds about 5 hours, charging time 4-5h. The radius of action in the open area is about 15 meters.
Whole box with a Chinese newspaper inside)

The only minus charger came with a chinese plug (

Straight motion controller

And now the cabriolet