USB 3.0 media panel + card reader + SATA and eSata with power output

Purchased this device after reading this topic.
I decided that I will have USB and a card reader is not enough, so I decided to look for something like that and ordered this media panel.
Came quite quickly, in 25 days, for whom it is interesting, you can “track” my number: RA110973216CN
Came in an unusual package for me:

Yes Yes!!! You are not mistaken, the packaging consists of a conventional pimply film, pasted over with adhesive tape. But the box remained intact and almost unwiped.
What did I get for almost $ 30? And this:


The media panel itself:

Power cable for SATA devices:

Fixed cables - 2 SATA, 1 USB and 1 PCI-E:

The interior of the company:

Here's what happened:

When you turn on the power button for SATA, the red LED lights up inside the case (apparently not to miss while connecting SATA connectors):

Well, what about without a blue LED that shines very brightly? It signals the connection of a memory card:

There are drivers and instructions on the disk (we increase and see):

When connecting the panel and turning on the computer, Windows(WIN 7 x64) tried to install some devices, but not all installed, the other drivers were installed from the disk. Memory cards and USB devices work as stated (card reader runs on USB 2.0). SATA has not yet verified, no need.
The body of the panel is completely plastic, but plastic is of good quality.
The panel itself is very light. Installed in the computer is very simple in the free space of 5.25 ", i.e. in a place for drives.
+ USB 3.0 works
+ built-in card reader (works from USB 2.0)
+ ability to connect SATA devices (there is a button to turn off the power)
+ good quality
+ detailed instructions in English
And now the cons:
- I think the price is a bit overpriced, but I haven’t seen anything like it in local offline stores
- the whole body is plastic (for that kind of money you could have made a metal case).
In general, I liked the device, but I will not recommend for purchase, but when the price drops at least 5-10 dollars, then it will be possible to buy.

Thanks for attention! I will be glad to answer your questions.