Small things. Handgam, carbine, bottle holder.

Well, here came the small things from Ali, I hasten to share a review.
All good quality, I recommend to take.
Let's start with handgam. Ordered 2 pieces.
Came in non-standard packaging:

One is ordinary, purple, the second is blue,luminous. Cool thing, everything looked at her in the store, but it hurts expensive - from 1000r piece. Since there are a lot of reviews of such a thing, I will not particularly disperse.

And it doesn’t hurt the wall to beat! :)

Snapping normally did not work, the only way.

So, the next figovina-karabinchiki for bottles. Long chose the lot with the lowest price. That one for 4.50, then 2 for 6.0, then 5 for 8.0. As a result, I found 20 for 10.50. Saved, aha))
Such a broom came

Useful thing, I will give away to friends :) Let's take a closer look:

The carabiner is dead, in particular its weak point is the locking mechanism. A weak spring, a soft rivet, a little loose.

Horseshoe is good, metal, of course powder, but for such purposes will go.

Holds the bottle firmly, does not slip out, holds the poltorashka calmly, I think it will pull even more.

And lastly a double carbine, in general, I love such things, I bought without a definite goal, but now I plan to hang inside the backpack and the keys to it.

By itself, not ice, the metal is thin. Take me doubts on its strength. But the locks are good, I like it.

Something like this. Additions, comments, opinions are welcome.
UDP: Do not find fault with distortions, shot at the short end.