Bag of Chinese Jewelry from Aliexpress

The story began with what I stumbled uponpage "Dollar and cheaper" on Aliexpress. I threw this link to the girl, and five minutes later I received a bunch of links in response to comments like “look how cool!” The links were to various jewelry and soon decided that you need to order something

All that finally came to us - welcome under the cat
The first step was to find a good store, the choice eventually fell on this. The rating is good, reviews too. As a result, the package reached exactly one month, which I consider to be not the best, but far from the worst result, considering some kind of congress in China at that time .:
Full tracker log

21 of the same number received in the mail.
Photos of the box, unfortunately, not preserved,but everything was packed just fine — rather thick cardboard, several layers of yellow scotch and a pimple film inside, filled to capacity. The box almost did not hesitate, and the jewelry successfully overcame all the hardships on its way - we definitely give the seller five points for the packaging!
Inside we were waited by a whole heap of decorationsthe minimum order in the store is from 10 dollars, the delivery is free (the seller changed the cost before the payment, because the delivery was specified automatically by the engine)
So, according to the list:
one) Rings with cat ears 59 cents in two colors - silver and bronze. The size corresponds to the specified, the quality is the same as in the photo

2) Rings - owls. at 49 cents. The size, although indicated, actually came adjustable, which makes them more versatile. The quality was pleased, again, all as in the photos of the seller.
(at this point in the review writing, the photo uploading module is plugged in, so the photos will continue to be links, I apologize for the inconvenience)

3) Owl earrings (Dada, we love owls!) 49 cents. Ordered with brown and green eyes, as they wrote to the seller. As in other cases, the seller put all the colors correctly.

four) Pendant with owl (very much) for 69 cents. Now it has fallen by as much as 1 cent.

five) Whole pack of baleen rings 29 cents each. Size varies, fit on any finger. We ordered several flowers at that price at once so that there was plenty to choose from and give too much.
6) Pendant with blood for 1.59 dollars. They took it as a gift, worried about the quality - it looks painfully good on the photo. Fears are not confirmed - The quality is perfect!
7) Starfish ring They took 61 cents, now it costs 39% altogether. It looks the same as from the seller. The size changes, bend a little tight, but it is even good - it will last longer.

8) And finally - Pendant with mustache for 44 cents (now and at all 39) The fears were the same as in the case of the bloody suspension, but in the end everything is fine

As a result, the girl is glad that she got a bunch of tsatsok, which we cannot find offline. I am glad that I had to give quite a bit. The seller is pleased with a good rating, which he certainly deserved!