Microphone stand

Good day. Under the cat a brief overview of the desktop microphone holder. The review includes equipment, appearance and misuse.
The package arrived in 4.5 weeks. The boxes are crushed and crushed.

But the grade is complete. Every detail is packed.

The kit includes: mounting clamp, mechanical headset, microphone holder.

Stationary metal mount. There is a soft gasket to protect the surface to which the mechanism is attached. Small clamping screw to clamp the end of the rack through the gasket.

The microphone holder is made of plastic.

A mechanical headset is a hinged link, a variant of the pantograph. For rigidity and fixation, the mechanism is equipped with twin springs.
The length of each link is 32 cm.

Overall, the workmanship is pretty good. It can only be too thin connecting plates.

This photo clearly shows the crumpled head of the plate - the only defect.

To start operation you need to collect all the details.
The microphone holder is attached to the thread through a plastic sleeve.

And the bent edge of the bottom plate is clamped in the clamp.

Then we fasten to a flat surface, up to 3 cm thick.

In the assembled state.

Attach not necessarily to the table. Shelves, walls, partitions - everything fits.

I do not have a microphone and in the near foreseeablethe future, I do not plan to buy it. Why do I need this device? In fact, the rack has many applications resulting from a large number of its degrees of freedom. Below are a few “quick” application examples.
We take the bracket for shooting through optics.

Remove the bar for attaching the camera and fixedly connect with the microphone holder.

Fasten the camera. Taking pictures is very convenient.

You can add to the bracket bracket for the smartphone.

And take photos and videos with it.

Fasten Fenix ​​tk 21.

And a powerful table lamp is ready.

The foredom handpiece sits well, but requires additional rigid fixation.

Upgrade the third hand to the full state.

Conclusion: a great stand for your money. It has long lacked something like this. I am satisfied with the purchase.