Mini GPS Navigator

Well, brothers mushroom pickers, berries,fishermen-hunters, cyclists-travelers, runners-athletes? It is time to arm for the next season. Moreover, there is something. Allow me to submit to your court a mini GPS navigator!
Of course, you can wander through the woods and with the carNavikom, but somehow it is not particularly in the buzz. Of course, you can buy a tourist Garmin and grief not to know, but this is 4500 ty at least! The toad will eat up. Of course, you can navigate by moss on ants or by annual rings on the stars, but this, you know, is the last century. Now the century is already two thousand, twelfth, the last, so let's be real boys and navigate in our three-dimensional space with the help of the mini-ZhPS navigators.

Mini because small and simple as threepenny. What does he do? Well, the first is to connect with satellites and show your exact coordinates. An error of 2-10 meters. This time. He knows how to keep in his memory 16 points scored into him, show the direction and distance to them. These are two. You can score a point both by its physical location at this point, and by coordinates taken, for example, from Google Mep. These are three. And it also shows the current altitude above sea level, your speed, travel time, distance traveled, as well as the exact time synchronized from the satellite. Not a little, I tell you. Already not mini, but at least midi :)
Made Navik quite decently, quitein a European way. Small, ovate-flattened, rough-rubberized. Not waterproof! Above, directly above the receiver, it has a small hole for better signal transmission. Included is a charging USB cable (no adapter), a chain with an aluminum carabiner, an English manual.

Chain for hanging the gadget on the backpack,jacket, etc. The chain seems to be quite good, but I’ll still better replace it with something more serious. I do not want to somehow stay in the dense forest one on one with the mossy ants :)
Side Navik has three buttons.

One main and two auxiliary, as written in the manual.
And what else is written there?
Here's what:
Hot start 5 seconds (average)
Warm start 40 seconds (average)
Cold start 2 minutes (average)
Measuring speed from 0.1 m / s
Operating temperature –20 ° C to + 55 ° C
3.7V lithium battery, working time about 10 hours
Dimensions 65x52 × 21mm
Weight 39.6 g with battery

How to use it in practice? Simple enough too. Came to the forest for mushrooms, berries. Scored the point where the car is and go on all four sides. Scored eight buckets and twelve baskets, then it's time to return. Wonderful navigator big fat arrow will show you the shortest way to the car. And if it is winter outside, then we have winter fishing available! Found a cool place on a cliff, or in a hole, hammer a point near this hole. And you will be here again happiness. Well, if you are not a mushroom and not a rybnik, then you are then a marathon runner. Or lisapedist. This little helper will measure your speed, the distance traveled and help you get home on the shortest route.

Well, since this should be a New Year's review.I will give it to my brother. An avid mushroom picker fisherman. And I'll order more for myself. And in the future, I have to supply all the members of my family with these gadgets, so that they completely forget what letters the word “ay!” Consists of.

P.S. Why did you buy through Aliexpress and not in the TomTop store itself? Everything is very simple. On Aliexpress cheaper. Here is a link to this NavTom on TomTop:
And here is the link to the Russian language instruction. For this special thanks to comrade xmixanx.
Finally, some more photos.
With and without illumination:


As lies in the hand: