mini-review of the new mini-PC Beelink X45 on Intel J4105 Gemini Lake (6/128)

I recently received a new mini-PC (on Windows 10) withsane performance and price. Not deadly 4-core percent, DDR4 memory, SSD disk (instead of e-mmc memory, but there is a nuance) distinguishes it from other similar ones. It is possible to put a second 2.5 SATA disk or SSD. The price also pleases. A simple comparison with the local market and Intel NUC with similar characteristics gives a difference in price of about 1.5-2 times. Without a fly in the ointment, of course, not done. More under the cut.

upd: attention: new BIOS is released, which increases performance by more than 10% (210-> 240 Cinebench)
After rebooting and getting a black screen, wait 20 minutes, this is not a brick!
The manufacturer promises us:
- Intel Gemini Lake Celeron J4105 CPU, 4 core 4 threads, 64 bit, 14nm 1.5GHz - 2.3GHz, 4M cache
- Intel HD Graphics 600 GPU, 4K 60Hz
- Support Windows and Linux operation system
- 2.4GHz + 5GHz dual band WiFi and 1000Mbps Ethernet, fast and stable network access
Bluetooth and Intel 3165 network card
It comes with a small power supply, 2 HDMI cords and a VESA bracket. Activated Windows 10 Home is installed (its licensing is in doubt).
DeliveryI went for $ 199.99, now it's cheaper. Comp rode about a month. By plane to Mongolia, from there transport company CDEK. The packaging was opened and sealed with tape, most likely, or wanted to steal something or inspected at customs. The seller sent everything quickly, no complaints about him. The same was the seller's coupon for $ 2 (now $ 1).
Appearance and mount
photos from Ali

The comp is very conveniently hung up on the monitor on standard VESA places (fastening in a set).
So he looks on the monitor, does not take place at all.

This PC compares favorably with heaps of similarthe boxes with which Ali is littered with, that it is possible to really work on it and he will not enrage you with his stupidity. Compared to the most popular N3450 of the previous generation, the performance here is about 40% higher.

The result in the 7zip test is 9640, which is very good! For comparison, my Core i7 4702 issues 17260 MIPS
SSD test results:

upd: SM2258 controller, Micron TLC chips
The younger model for $ 155 differs in e-mmc memory at a much lower speed (and 2 GB less RAM).
In general, everything works very fast.
It also has active cooling. Fan idling does not work. During the test, it is almost not audible, only if you bring your ear to the box itself.
1) The SSD is recognized by the system as “SSD 128” and most likely is Chinese nounayim. Without opening it is impossible to determine the manufacturer.
2) For some reason, when I insert something into the USB connector, sometimes the monitor goes off for half a second. Stuck it in the second HDMI, the result is the same. The reason for this figure out and failed to go.
UPD: The problem with USB ports is solved by the scorpiosys method, you need to remove the checkbox to allow power saving on the USB controller. But still there are problems with power / static. The monitor blinks when you plug in the headphones or when you touch the PC with your hand.
General impressions
The computer was bought for my daughter for school. She is very pleased. When mounted at the back of the monitor, it does not take up space, it works very quickly. Conveniently, it costs Windows right away. It’s just as good that there are 4 USB, a card reader and a wired + wireless network with BT. In general, I am also pleased. But if you take it for work, then you need to take into account the nuances mentioned above.
PS: I forgot to write that there is a more sophisticated version of the X55. Differences: an even faster J5005 percent and 8 GB of RAM. The performance difference is about 15%, so I decided to save and take the x45 being monitored.