Mini backpack

Mini backpack that fit perfectly into my wardrobe.

Great backpack. Looks stylish and perfectly refreshing image. I really like lately fashion backpacks, they are roomy and free their hands.

I do not like to carry bags, better I shove everything in my pockets, but I liked the backpacks.

I love small, but very roomy bags. This description fits this backpack.
A lot of space in it, too many pockets.

Inside one large compartment and two pockets on the walls. One zipper, the second open.
Lightning quality, work well.
All items were packed in protective film.

The quality of the backpack is just great.
My size is 24x20 cm.
Included are three straps. Two standard backpack and one shorter, it can be carried as a bag.
And as a gift the seller put a notebook.