Miniature bluetooth headset

Purchase as an experiment. Just wanted a tiny, on the principle of less-than-the-better headset. This is, in fact, the second attempt, if we talk about mono headsets, so I thought about what I’ll get and won’t be hopeless.
The results are mixed.
Headset in a pretty transparent package. Set: earphone, ear hook, power adapter plus English manual.

Obviously, this is a copy of some famousheadphone, but I was not looking, because I'm lazy, and there is no need. And I think so because the seller mixed photos of two different headsets. One of them is with a matte surface, clearly stylized under the skin, a black button and a “spring” that holds the earpiece in the ear. The second - with a glossy surface and waves, which remotely remind that it could be a stylization under the skin. "Springs" is no longer here, a button with chrome trim.
In fact, I got the second option, so I was a little upset: I don’t like ears, and I really hoped that the headset would stay in my ear. I had to forget about it: it does not hold.
But the ear hook keeps it perfect. I speak of this with skill, since I had the brilliant opportunity to run around the bus without removing the headset. To taste, the flare can be fixed to be worn on the left or on the right.

The gloss of the surface is not extreme, and for this reasonthe reason I consider it acceptable to wear this thing in public. On the other hand, girls will look more harmonious with this accessory. And I look like this.

Turn on and pairing - as usual for allthe Chinese. Those. A long press on the power button (from the off state) puts the headset into pairing mode. My phone automatically connected, the computer - too. However, the Chinese cite the standard code - 0000.
When connected, identifies itself as R6250.
Indication of work is also standard: blue and red colors. Permanent blue glow - pairing; fast double flashing blue - search for a paired device; Slow single flashing blue - connected to a paired device; flashing red during operation - low battery. The latter is also duplicated by a periodic double squeak.
As for the light display, it is nice that she does not tear out her eyes. Yes, it is blinking, but the tiny LED is located so that it does not attract attention.
The management here is very concise for the obviousreason: the dimensions are really extremely small. So there is only one button. It has at least five functions: power on, power off, pairing, call answer, hang up. The voice dialing is also declared, so it is quite possible that you can add the sixth function if the phone supports it.
The button does not protrude above the surface, so finding it is not very easy. This, of course, a minus.
How is the volume adjusted in this case? Volume is controlled by the phone. That is, in my case, this is true. But there is another disappointing conclusion: when using this headset, you will have to limit yourself to a single volume level, or it will not be quite hands-free.
In the characteristics on the box stated up to 4 hoursin talk mode and up to 140 hours in standby mode. In the manual - up to 4 hours talk time and up to 7.5 hours in standby mode. The truth, as usual, was in the gap between these figures.
The charger is similar to Nokia’s much-loved charging in Nokia style. The plug is flat, the claimed output current is 500 mA at 5V. Charging time about one and a half hours.

In standby mode, the headset worked order19 hours, to warn about the low charge start about half an hour before shutting down. My opinion is very good performance, because I have already prepared for the fact that the headset will work less than 7.5 hours. Because China.
Sound quality is acceptable. He is not deaf, as it happens. Speech is different well. The only problem is the volume. In a noisy environment, I miss her. There are two reasons: firstly, the maximum level really does not stun under any circumstances; secondly, the ear hook practically does not press the earpiece to the ear canal, therefore the sound “leaks”.
How can you hear me? I can hardly hear at all through the headset because of the low tone of voice. But with this headset, and other nuances were found.
It turned out that it works differently with different devices. For example, with ThL W1, I can hear everyone through the headset, and I can barely make it out: croaking, interrupting, etc.
And if you take the X18i, then I hear everyone a little worse (less than the volume in the headset headset when the phone’s volume is at the maximum), but I can hear normally through the headset.
Even better if you connect the headset to the computer. I checked through Skype, and subjectively the sound is clear in both directions, without interruption. True, again, subjectively, the headset microphone is quiet.
Here is here are four sound patterns: via ThL W1 with headset, via X18i withheadset, through a native microphone ThL W1 and through a computer with a headset. For the purity of the experiment, I recorded approximately the same fragment of the transmission, at the same volume and the same distance from the speaker to the microphone. Writing - by regular means of phones in 3gp format, hence not the best quality, which, nevertheless, gives an idea of ​​what is happening with ThL W1. In the case of a computer, the first MP3 recorder to be found.
The source is a recording of news on Moscow Echo. There, by the way, the sound is also noticeably compressed.
Multiple headset connections do not understand. If it is connected to one device, the attempt to connect from the other is rejected. Those. Two phones can not be connected to it at the same time. But at least a couple of devices she remembers, so when disconnected from one, she can then be connected to another.
The range is surely five meters at the reception andabout three to four meters to pass. Those. for the phone is quite suitable. I could not move further than five meters, because I simply rested against the wall, but did not want to go anywhere, sorry.
Wearing comfort is also acceptable. In the first one and a half to two hours, the earpiece is practically not felt, and there is no feeling of a “clogged” ear, which is generally exceptionally pleasant. And then, depending on my behavior - not in the sense of good or bad, in the sense of whether the headset touched, straightened or pressed the buttons - there may be a feeling of discomfort, due to the fact that the earpiece, although it is easy, but crushes on the ear.
Summary: cute tiny headset that tries to faithfully perform its functions, but which is not very successful.
1) Mostly
2) Easy
3) Attractive
4) Relatively long-playing
1) Fragile ears
2) Wearing only with the ear
3) Low volume
4) It can work differently with different devices (possibly due to the device’s fault)