Soft toys for children.

We continue to review products for children.
Immediately I will say because the product is simple, then the whole text is here. Under the cut only pictures.
Now the seller has removed this item from sale.
So. 2 Banana and Pineapple.
Let's start with the good.
Banana Peel rises and fastens with velcro onhead. Legs with integrated bells. With a vertical shake-up inside the "whistle" is triggered. Legs with embedded mirror. Quality - with all the desire to find fault there is nothing.

Now about the sad:
A pineapple
Legs with built-in bells. It is displayed on 4 segments. Inside the "cub". Slices on magnets.
Quality for C grade. Sticking threads that immediately spoils the impression.
Were packed in a handbag (on which they sit). Pineapple, unlike bananas, arrived without labels or other identifying marks.
Well, now the photo

Kote is now sleeping somewhere, so there will be no pictures with a cat.