Model balls (200 pieces) in a package

I order a lot of all sorts of things on Ali, including not very necessary and frankly cheap, mostly on the "look".
One such purchase is the purchase of a set of balloons for modeling.
They are called - model balls.
On Ali, a lot of lots, I ordered one of the cheapest.

So, here is the lot that I still use:
200Pcs / bag Latex Balloons Twist Making Balloons
In the lot is already 200 pieces of model balls. Impressions are contradictory, the quality is so-so, but by quantity it is enough, and the price is low. Below I will tell you the impressions in more detail ...
Simple package - a simple package, balls in talc.

Well, that a lot of balls. Quality is lame. Marriage is decent, there are banners, and holes, underfilling, adhesions, etc. Within 10% of the total. It happens you inflate ... and women))))
By color - they always sell assorted, and even more interesting are multi-colored than 200 pieces, for example, red ones.

The length of the inflated balls is less than 20 cm. Not enough)))))) Yes, and walking in an assortment

The balls are thin, it will not work to inflate with “mouth” - you need a pump for model balls, you can do it manually.

In the process, you can burst))) you can burst if you siphon. You can burst the ball, if you drag in the simulation.

It is necessary to underdo the balls strongly so that a “nose” of about 15% in length remains (pump approximately 60-70 cm)

Simple enough, you need to practice. With the natural loss of balls))))))

Well, cool, as you please))))

You can make any composition from the balls, fixing them with “banners”, stationery bands, tape, etc.

Under the spoiler scheme "dogs"
Additional Information

Here's what I got

From the blue ball

Unfortunately, there are no intermediate photo-videos, as the hands are busy, and it does not always work the first time))))

For comparison - a doggie from model balls from offline.

another "dog"

Having a lot of colored balls at hand, you can make complex compositions

For example, pumpkin))))

I do not stop there)))
Need more balls!

From crafts you can play.
Toy "swords" and "sabers"

The screen from the description of the goods - complex compositions of balls.

Additional information - proof of purchase

Instead of output:
This is a cheap set of balls on which you can practice and fill your hand.
An inexpensive way to entertain a child.
200 pieces of balls for a long time will provide employment to you hands and the child.
On quality - on the C grade. A lot of marriage, a lot of bursting. Basically, a complaint is short (relatively) and thin balls.
Especially not clearing up. Slightly pumped, even with the empty "tail", - and broads))))
On the other hand a lot of them in the kit.
I recommend to find any electric pump-compressor. Adapters are not needed, a normal tube is enough for a ball diameter (about 6 mm) or a cone. You don’t pump too much with a hand pump ...
Balls will be useful for a celebration, for making crafts / gifts, just to develop the skills of the child, and just take a while. Burst - do not mind ...
As for quality, I searched for a long time, almost all lots are similar, prices are more expensive, with similar quality ...