fashionable high-quality backpack with one strap

I had a lot of different backpacks, but I wanted tosuch that small, on the shoulders and with one strap. A quick look at Ali showed that you can't look at cheap crafts without tears - the materials are thin, wrinkled and of poor quality. And then I came across the hero of this review. Who is interested under the cat…

At first he struggled with the toad for a long time. the rest for 10 bucks, and this one was 3 times more expensive ... But viewing the real photos of those handicrafts convinced me to vote green.
So, there are 4 versions of these backpacks - 2 in size (big and small) and 2 different colors - gray and blue. I was just looking for a little.
Brand Tangcool did not tell me anything. Ordered and after 3 weeks the parcel arrived.

As a result, the backpack turned out to be no worse than the advertising photo. All materials are very high quality and thick, keep their shape.
It can be worn on any shoulder (belt with a carabiner peretegivaetsya). There is also a fashionable orange handle for carrying in your hands.
The backpack has 3 compartments: 2 open at the side and 1 at the back.

Inside a bunch of pockets for all sorts of gadgets, justThere is an output for PowerBank (USB). The main compartment is a transformer, if you undo the buckle, it opens back and you can cram a bunch of junk into it.

Strap on the shoulder - the most important thing for convenience. It is wide, with a mesh (on the back, too, a mesh against fogging).

In general, the backpack is excellent. Bought for their own, to the seller have nothing to do.
upd: it sits on me like this (you can wear it in the front and in the back, my height is 182 cm)

The only, perhaps, minus: it weighs 585 grams, which is a bit heavy for its size.
Well, and kote at the end: