Modular LED format 2835. The story of how I nakolhozil bright lights in the luggage area of ​​your car

Today I want to tell you about my next purchase for a car, and also to show that I’ve gotten out of this purchase.
It will be about modular LEDs format 2835.
I bought them for one purpose. Improve the lighting in the luggage area of ​​my VW Sharan.
Native lamps in the trunk are on the sides, andhonestly say the light is not very good and incomprehensible where. And recently I often come home already in the dark, and I take out a backpack from the trunk, food bags, other trash for the house. Since the trunk is very large, and small things from packages tend to fall out and crumble around the trunk, I want to be light enough in the dark to collect and pick up everything you need.

At first there was a thought to put on the trunk perimeterLED strip. But he refused it because of the very collective farm and the fact that sometimes I put the third row of seats in the trunk. Passengers this same tape on any will cling and tear off.
Therefore, it is necessary that the light was a point, but bright. And he was out of the zone where the passenger was in the back row.
A search for aliexpress on request "lights incar "had a lot of options. Stopped for one because of the price. $ 0.79 for one lamp is very inexpensive. I took 4 lamps for experiments. What happened, show and tell.
Immediately I say that this is still a prototype temporary option (although there is nothing more permanent temporary)
So. LEDs. The following specifications are stated:

I ordered 4 LEDs. Based on the fact that I will place them in the trunk two on the right side and two on the left.
In the package in the end it came. Four LEDs assembled in the line:

On the back of each LED is glued a piece of 3M double-sided tape:

LED housing made of plastic. The lens is also likely plastic. Has corrugation.


If you remove the tape, you can see the aluminum plate hidden in the case on which the LED is located

I think that is good. There is something to dissipate heat. By the way about the heat and heat. I connected the LEDs to the LBP for verification. All 4 LEDs work:


Left the LEDs in this state for abouthalf an hour to check the heat. And as such, there is no heating. You can safely take the LED in hand. They are slightly warm. Considering that the trunk is mostly opened and it is worth 5-10 minutes of open power, you should not be afraid of overheating.
Also for the sake of interest, I checked with what voltage the LED starts to glow (all of a sudden it is important for someone). So here. At 7V, a slightly noticeable glow appears. The camera is not visible, but it is:

At 8V, the light is already quite bright:

And with a full 13V (voltage on the vehicle’s electrical system), the brightness is such that it’s not comfortable to look at the LEDs:

After checking the performance, went to the car. The entire installation process took about 20 minutes.
In the luggage compartment of the VW Sharan all the lights are two small canopy on the sides. Like these ones:

They illuminate the strength of 15 centimeters depth of the trunk, and it is very dim. Therefore, pick out this cover, cut the wire and pull it to the side stand:

All connection disappeared, and as expected.I insulated BLUE with tape. (By the way, tell me the tested connectors for tapping into the wire without cutting off the insulation. You will have to redo it and finish something else in the car)
He led the wire to the rack, connected the LEDs,insulated and hid the wires under the socket. While stuck on the tape, which was included. See how it holds. Do not really want to crash into screws. It looks like this:

I connected the battery, check the glow:

Everything works great. Glows. Since I connected to the native boot light, the light turns on when the trunk lid opens. As it should. The rest of the time it does not burn or interfere.
Well, a demonstration of how it looks in the dark.
Usually, when I opened the trunk, I had to use a flashlight to find something in the trunk. Because the lights looked like this:

Now the same frame, but with LEDs already connected:

The difference is palpable. And I really like it.
While the LEDs installed on one side only. But you can already estimate how much it became bright in the trunk:

Later I will put the two remaining LEDs on the other side, and then it will be very bright.
Recently I saw the same LEDs offlinethe store. Price per LED 1.2 $. I ordered them almost twice cheaper. Since this revision is quite possible and wait for 2-3 weeks until the lamps arrive, it is obvious that you can save a little. The final result I was very pleased. It turned out even better than I wanted. Plus pride from the collective farm. One Wishlist to finalize the car is almost done. Now I want to make a homemade spare wheel holder under the bottom and roof rack with LED lights in a circle. But that's another story.
That's all. I wish all of you only successful kolkhozing of their iron horses.