Powerful tablet for little money

I thought I would be a pioneer in the tablet reviewGemei G2, but ahead of me. There used to be a review. Well, okay - I think that another opinion will not hurt, especially since the tablet definitely deserves attention. Next under the cut ...
Took for 100 dollars - there was a discount coupon for 20dollars. I note that there are two modifications of this tablet - Gemei G2 and Gemei G2 LE. Differ in the absence of a charger in the second version (LE) and another box. Before buying, I wrote off the offer and he assured that it was a full-featured Gemei G2, but the tablet flew in and I saw LE in the box on the box. However, the charger lay separately. After the discharge, I connected the tablet to charge, but after charging for 5 minutes, it stopped charging from the charger ... Either the current is not enough, or something. From USB charges perfectly. I also tried to connect the cable to the unit and it to the network, but the same story - maybe this unit should be more powerful. If someone tells me, I will be grateful. Although it does not strain and charge from the laptop - a full charge of about 3 hours.

I attach a couple of photos, everything else is reflected in the video.

Do not know how to attach a video, so I give a link
As a result, I will note the pros and cons:
+ Excellent stuffing, powerful processor and 1 GB RAM
+ More than reasonable price
+ Brilliant build quality and no backlash
+ Cancel screen
+ Long battery life
+ Yes, and much more - just do not take into account
- only one and that is purely subjective - I personally would be comfortable with the physical buttons, and not touch, sometimes I press randomly.
But in general, a wonderful tablet and I recommend it to everyone!