Multi-review of Beats Tour headphones

Inspired by this review, I also decided to order something from this seller and encouraged my friends to do it, so a small batch was collected.
In the review there will be these models: for 12.79 and for 18, although then they cost $ 21.
Unpacking video:
Those that are more expensive

Those that are cheaper

As you can see, the cheap model has a smaller box.size and thin cardboard, and the headphone plug straight. The more expensive model has a high-quality solid box (can be put on the shelf and be proud) and a g-shaped plug. Of course the original did not feel, but they look believable. Otherwise, the equipment is the same, even the serials on all the boxes are the same. The logo on the ears is engraved with quality.
The sound from the beginning did not please me tooa lot of bass and little high, but if you build the equalizer in the form of a letter U, you can get a decent sound. Maybe someone will like it, this is a subjective matter. There is a difference in sound between the models, but it is small and it is not clear which way.
There is also a drawback to the smell of black wire. White is not so strong.
some photos

In general, a good option, I really liked the look, by ear, not really, but for that kind of money it sounds good, considering that the share of packaging and additional accessories in the price is significant.