Multi-review massive costume jewelry

Jewelry - the most important part of any female image. It would be more accurate to say that it is the accessories - the handbag, the costume jewelry, the scarf and the headdress, and not the clothing itself - that create the finished image.
Therefore, a woman just needs to have a large number of diverse decorations, scarves and other nice knick-knacks - for every occasion.

In my review, we will focus on massive costume jewelry, which for the third season is one of the leading trends.
I will say in advance that the goods I ordered turned out to be for the most part excellent with small reservations, and the store was recommended for shopping.
This summer I bought some brightsundresses and T-shirts with a deep neckline, to which it was necessary to pick up jewelry. I have quite a lot of classic, elegant jewelry. It was decided to supplement their collection with fashionable massive pendants and necklaces. Then I stumbled upon a "boast" with with this “stone”
That was what was needed. So I quickly picked up a few more decorations needed in the household, and placed an order.
Lyrical digression

The decoration did not disappoint in its color. This is a massive and bright thing with a spectacular "stone" and intertwined threads of beads instead of a chain.
The suspension itself is made of epoxy, although I will not say

Back view

What's the funny thing, it's almost the only thingdecoration in order to which I can find fault. On 2 pendants made of beaded threads, threads and knots stick out in a small amount. However, this jamb is corrected with scissors and a red felt-tip pen for masking

Additional Information

Fittings - not very expensive, but it keeps fine, does not unfasten.
The length of the pendant is suitable for neckline or turtleneck. With a mid-cut pendant will be partially hidden behind the neck.

From the same seller ordered this here antique style necklace

back side

On the merchant's site, it looks polished, onin fact, it is artificially aged, nobly shabby, as if dull - it actually adds to the showiness. The glitter on the photo is due to the bright rays of the setting sun.

I think it will go well with a top on thin straps or with a simple dress on the floor. Very heavy! I think this is not worth going to the disco, otherwise the collarbones will be bruised!
The next item is type vintage type silver necklace with turquoise type)))
In fact, it reminded me of something Celtic or Old German, but I suspect that Zakos was under Tibet)))

The necklace also pretends that it is aged and has an average color between silver and gold.
There is a type of turquoise beads in it.

In general, it is cool! It seems to me that, together with simple strict clothes, a hint of ethnics will be created.
The clasp is also not God knows what toughness, but did not let down.

Here, ideally, a very simple white blouse or light-colored dress should go, but they were not at hand.

The last item on my order is massive beaded bracelet. I adore black and white jewelery and could not resist.

In general, he is no different from the seller’s photo, except that the beads were a little disheveled, but I easily “put them in their place”
Here pleased the accessories - beautiful!

But that’s not the end of it. To be honest, I was always embarrassed to beg for gifts to my order, and then something got through to me. Give, I think, I will ask, and suddenly something interesting will send! And, in fact, not in vain decided. A respected Chinese brother sent me another necklace right for my summer mood!

It is not so cheap - 5.24
Itself would not take this, because too maiden and I'm already a solid lady, requires appropriate teen clothes. But actually I liked it! Something such melon-banana casts, tasty. The chain is very high quality, not aged, but brilliant.
Additional Information

Good quality. although the surface is not perfectly even at the central part, but this is not particularly noticeable.
In general, I consider the order one of the best on Ali along with creative stickers on the nails and creative stickers on the nails.
Seller David nyashka, please love and favor.
But still, the bubbly things will take next time with caution.