Multi-review - spare parts for laptops.

Hello. This is my first review, so please do not judge strictly.
I do not repair laptopsprofessionally, but for some reason, quite often the sick laptops are on my operating table. Looking at my list of purchases on Ali (and not only), it is safe to say that laptops have the weakest points - the keyboard and the battery. Since absolutely all the components for laptops that came to me from Ali were new, of normal quality and worked, I will not deal with their photographing and description, but simply give a list of links to products with brief comments.

So, Replacement Laptop Battery TC1000, For Tablet PC TC100, TC1000, TC1100: $ 27.32
New Keyboard for ASUS EEEPC EPC 700 701 900 901Series laptop keyboard US layout - the keyboard arrived with a house instead of a windows button (apparently intended for a netbook with Linux). Of course there are no Russian buttons - I made a laser engraving for 500 rubles. - $ 17.81
New Laptop Eee PC 901 904HD 10001000H 1000HD Series, Eeepc 901 AL24-1000 AL23-901, 6 cells - Note that the battery is white. I was not important, the main price. There are minor inaccuracies in the manufacture of the case and is somewhat difficult, and everything is ok - $ 30.32
12V 3A Car Charger for Asus EEE PC EEEPC 900 9011000 Max EXA0801XA 900SD 901 904HA 1000 1000H - Network adapter for eeepc. Despite the fact that the seller writes that this is a car charger, there is nothing car in it. Ordered guided by photography and turned out to be right. This product surprised me by the fact that it looks down to the smallest detail as the original one (which can't be said about batteries) - $ 9
KingSpec SATA Mini PCIE 16GB EeePC 901 - SSD forEEEPC. It was bought with the goal of replacing the regular one with 4 gigabytes. Not to say that its performance is large (true numbers are indicated by the seller), but compared to the native sky and earth. This disc was not without minor problems. Together with it, the standard 2 by 8 gigabyte is not determined. People on the forums are writing that they are solved by taping parts of the contacts on the mini-pcie connector of a new one, but I chose to just remove the 8-gigabyte one, it is still terribly slow. In addition, I had to bore holes for screws, because they are not quite in the right place. In any case, the goal has been achieved - the netbook has come to life and has become quite responsive, besides there is now enough space for the operating system and programs. - 47,26 $
I also have a battery for samsung R60 going to me - I’m going to write about it too.
If interested, I can do the same review about batteries for laptops and phones with dilextreme and multi-review about products with hobbiking.