Door sill car CitroenC4 Picasso

One of the most necessary things in a modern, expensive heart, cars!
Guys, I read Muska a lot, helped a lot. But never tried to write, I write the first ...! Wanted to try how it is generally done? So please do not kick much.
Became the proud owner of a new affiliate carCitroen C4 Picasso (the usual “Picas” is not “Grand”, but this is not important, since the sizes of the thresholds are the same!) And then it started ...! Without sleep and rest, hundreds of pages of online stores began to scroll through in search of something interesting and useful for my car.

Taking into account the operation of previous cars came acrossone of the necessary and very useful lotions. These are door sills. The thing is very necessary for the “disabled”, like me, who in a hurry are too lazy to raise my leg normally and sit neatly in the car!
Placed an order on the site. I received a “clarifying” letter about the car model. And sat down to "smoke" in anticipation of a "miracle"!
Ordered Received, and here's the report ...!
The delivery time, taking into account the New Year surprises from the post office, before the onset of NG, was pleasantly surprised:
Track parcel

I must say I did not expect anything grandiose, as did China, but nevertheless ...!
The packaging is good, the package came intact. Nothing is dented and not bent. The parcel even withstood the thick-haired aunts from the Russian Post!

Weight, half a kilo. Heavy, plump. (why in a diminutive pet ..., understand further!) Zhelezyachki turned out to be really real! What does not look like the Chinese!

Unpacked. Immediately rushed one detail that I did not like at all, but as it turned out later, the essence of the role did not play ...!
Edging, on the corners had a protruding bend.

I thought, here it will not fit snugly. In fact, when fitting, this cant turned into a second discontent and embarrassment, but the installation is unlikely to affect. I have a hot air station, I think I will correct this joint when installing! Since the edging has a softish plastic, and not as it seemed on the site, rezinochku!
While on the affiliate is not glued, only attached. It's cold, br-rr-r ...!
An example on the rear:

Now, about diminutive pet ...
Cover plates have two bends, I counted one of themsuperfluous, and even very superfluous! The bottom edge - everything is fine, it fits normally, just bending the threshold. But the second bend turned out to be superfluous and for me spoiled my whole idea. The bend turned out as if in zero gravity. Those. the pad does not reach the gum and as it “hangs” in the middle of the threshold! .. And that means dirt and everything else will remain in the gap between the pad and the sealing rubber! Although the site photo, pad under the sealing rubber band! The question was why clarified? Most likely, these pads are not for “Pikassyatiny”, but for more expensive models, for example, C5!
Now I’m thinking, is it worth it to glue these, or give soklubnikam ?!

Today wrote a complaint to the Chinese. What, they say, not in size. Let's see what answer?
12/22/12. ... the store ignored me, I did not get an answer! Probably, it was necessary to open a dispute, and not to complete the transaction?
Well, I sort of figured out the 5th time, where to hide, how to add ...!