Board game Carcassonne with aliexpress (Carcassonne).

Greetings readers of the mysku site. Today I want to tell you about the board game Carcassonne that I acquired.
Introduction: my son is 9 years old, he almost doesn’t play ordinary toys, but he likes to play board games. Recalling in the beginning of December about the coming New Year, I decided to look at what board games are sold on aliexpress and found some that interested me, after which I ordered them for trial. The main game I wanted to teach my son was Carcassonne.

I'll start with the description of the game from Wikipedia:
Carcassonne (German Carcassonne) is a German-style strategic economic game. Developed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede (Eng.) (German Klaus-Jürgen Wrede) in 2000, first published by Hans im Glück in Germany. In 2001 she was awarded the “Game of the Year” award in Germany (spiel des Jahres). Currently, Carcassonne is produced by many global publishers of board games, and, for 2018, more than 10 million copies of the game (including add-ons) have been sold worldwide. The game consists of step-by-step picking up the playing field (tiles) and placing the chips of your subjects (miples) on it. Depending on which terrain the chip is placed on, it becomes a knight, peasant, monk, or robber.
I think that I will not go into the rules of the game,surely many are familiar with it, I will describe superficially in the review process. The game reached a little less than a month. After unpacking, I saw that the box was damaged:

Although the amount of pimply film at first seemed sufficient:

Fortunately, the components themselves are not affected.
Dimensions of the box 200 * 270 * 65 mm.

The game consists of:
6 sheets with 72 squares of land,
1 sheet of 12 squares of land from The River supplement,
40 miplah five colors
Scoring fields
The rules of the game are in Chinese.

The quality of printing is high, but several squares of land did not want to be carefully separated immediately, so I had to use scissors.

Little men turned out to be rather crooked, although everything is painted perfectly:

There are two options to start the game: standard and with the addition of The River.
With the standard we do not need cards with the river, the first one is played with a white letter C on the shirt:

Then one mipla is put on the counting field.points, the remaining cards are stirred and made up by piles of shirts up, each of the players alternately opens a square of a piece of land and puts it to the previous one without breaking the picture:

On the resulting map, we see cities, fields, roads and monasteries, and the players fight for them, capturing the necessary territories by their subjects.
An example of a larger map:

For each completed section, the player receives points, marking them with his diploma in the scoring field:

When you start the game with the addition of The River, the maps of the river are first laid out, and then the rest of the map is drawn up around them:

About the game I can say that I liked it very muchand son and me. The rules did not have to explain for a long time. So far, we have managed to try to play the game together and three. The time of one game is less than 30 minutes, we play by the simplified rules, without peasants. Due to the expansion of The River, additional diversity is introduced into the game, although without expansion each current game is different from previous games.
I was pleased with the purchase. The quality of workmanship is high, at the level of official publishers, the cardboard is thick and dense, the print is excellent, I can recommend for purchase to those who are not afraid of the possibility of damage to the packaging of the game during transportation. Those who live in large cities can find the game offline, for a comparable price (20 percent difference), but not sure if The River will be supplemented by The River, find out. I wish everyone good luck, write in the comments that you can correct in the review.