Headphones Awei X670BL. As for an ordinary music lover, it’s a chaos for an audio file.

It is me that all tastes are different and each musicperceives in its own way. I now have wireless headphones with good (in my opinion) sound. And I will be glad to share my opinion about them with you.
Long thought to post your review on headphonesAwei X670BL or not. But on the portal about them, I did not find anything, and the other models of this company, tested by the authors, have already become a little outdated. Therefore, I decided that it would not be superfluous, and maybe it would help someone with a choice. So, I ask you to note that here and further a subjective opinion, which may not coincide with yours, therefore I am for the adequacy in judgments. Let's get started

Packaging and delivery setPacking boxmade of thick cardboard with a magnetic latch. On the front side there are large printed headphones, the model name and the advantages that the brand promises.

Inside, we immediately access the “body” sosay: in a special holder are the headphones themselves and accessories that are easy to get. On the scan we are promised 4D stereo sound, but apparently means the number of emitters.

In a separate package, a short charging cable, two pairs of ear cushions of different sizes (the middle ones are installed immediately), a clip for clothes, a clip for the cord and a guide for use.

Design, design Classic black color themselvesheadphones diluted contrast ear cushions in gray-green and light green hues. Their ears will not be visible, but the solution is interesting. Below them are metal sound guides and the same filter mesh, which is convenient for taking care of them.

In this model, dual dynamic emitters(or as they like to call drivers), so this is quite a noticeable part in their design. Part of the body is made of translucent plastic, and some - of metal. Magnets are added at the ends to make it convenient to connect them together. In order not to get lost in the sides, there are clues in the form of the usual letters R and L. Although, due to their form factor, you will not be able to stick them anyway, but the letters are not superfluous.

The wire is made in the form of "noodles", therefore not particularlyentangled in the bag, and does not slip on the neck. On a plastic control unit, three buttons with more or less classical controls: “plus” / ”minus” are responsible for adjusting the sound or switching tracks, if you hold the button, the middle turns on / off the device, starts synchronization with the phone, pauses / plays music. There is also a LED that tells you about readiness for synchronization or charging of headphones. On the side face under the plug is a charging socket. The cable comes tugovato.

ConvenienceSpecially worth mentioning builta microphone that turns the headset into a headset too. Despite the fact that it is located on the back side of the console, the voice is clearly audible. It may also be due to the fact that the console is located close enough to the mouth, or it may be the noise reduction stated on the box. In any case, even on a street near a busy road and in a noisy gym, I was well heard by my interlocutor.
The cable can be pulled off with a clip, but I feel comfortable and so. Not too long, not too short. Despite the metal in the case, the “ears” are light and do not interfere. Often I use magnets, they lie on my neck and do not fidget.

There is a voice acting in English during power on, off, pairing, maximum or minimum volume, as well as when an incoming call: dictated by the phone number of the caller.
SportAwei X670BL claimed as sports headphoneswith IPX4 splash protection. I didn’t get in the rain, but I was in training with them anyway, and good results are achieved with sweat, and they passed this test. I have enough silicone inserts so that they do not fall out during the run.

Sound quality and playing time by the manufacturerIt’s declared 7 hours of talk time and 5.5 hours of listening to music, but in fact I squeezed more out of them. It should be said that I do not listen to music above the average position, so this course of events suits me. The volume on the phone and the volume on the headphones themselves are two different stories. Maybe it's only on iPhone, but I doubt it. So by increasing the volume of the music you will not increase all the other sounds.
Good sound insulation thanks to intra channelThe placement gives a pronounced bass effect, so lovers of low frequencies will appreciate this creation of Chinese audio producers. There are no blockages in the middle and tops, they are practiced at the level. I would say that the overall nature of the sound of the X670BL is generally liked by many.
As an example, I can give a couple of tracks that I especially liked.
Kiesza - Hideaway. Separate sounding of instruments, good detailing and beautiful female vocals that do not distort or squeak.
Reamonn - Supergirl. Natural vocals, guitar parts are distinct, the instruments do not interrupt each other. Percussion adds accents and new touches to the sound.
Oh the larceny - Man on a mission. The impressive volume of the stage sounds, the frequencies do not cut the ear. Bass assertive, but do not overlap the vocals. Perhaps they coped with this track best of all.
-Interesting design
-Quality housing materials. Metal + plastic without burrs and other things.
-A lot of time playing
-Detailed frequencies.
-Wire noodles
-Magnetic cups
-Working case. It doesn’t bring me any discomfort, but someone may just not like the bulging parts of the earpiece (especially with long hair or earrings)
-Multipoint implementation. There is a connection to two devices, but this is a whole system and without shamanic magic there is clearly no cost. You need to connect the first phone via Bluetooth, after disconnecting the headphones, connect them to another phone and disconnect again. And to make a miracle, you need to simultaneously press on two phones to connect to headphones in the settings of the Bluetooth connection. By the way, they connect to the laptop, but it’s most likely that they won't be able to implement two connections.
Bottom line Using wireless headphonescomfortable and pleasant, music in different genres is played surprisingly well, without blockages and distortions. The Bluetooth signal catches throughout the apartment, so you don’t have to carry the phone with you while cooking or cleaning. On the street, too, she did not notice the cliffs, which was especially gratifying. In the end, I can recommend this model to those who, like me, love to listen to music and at the same time want to get rid of the wires (at least to the telephone).
Headphones were taken offline at a local store, so it will be useful only for residents of my city. But you can easily find the headphones from the representatives of the brand.