Headphones cx300ii Green Eco in a very original box

Today I also received these headphones, I really liked how packed they were. The headphone box was lined with foam, and when I removed the foam, I saw this miracle:
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Began to open further and see this:
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In my opinion it seemed very beautiful! The box is very gift. Well, I will not be distracted, we go further ...
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It seems to be all as in the photo, but we are going to unpack even further)))
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The first time I see such a box, probably one box costs $ 10, it opens in a very original way.
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But in this photo we will see the complete set (except for the box)
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1 x Headphones
1 x Cheholchik (seemingly imitation leather, smells a little, but very weak, and the cheholchik is chained with springy wire)
2 x interchangeable rubber plugs (there are three of them - small medium ones and more, for different ears, respectively)
Test Drive:
I put the headphones in my ears and there is no unpleasantrustling as it happens in cheap headphones. Now I “stick” the headphones into the player, turn on the player and ... There is a lot of high frequencies, but there is almost no bass ((((I took these headphones because the manufacturer (probably original) promised good bass, but this did not happen. I had to give headset wife. And how well it all began ...
Very nice and high-quality packaged, but the bass is almost absent.
More such I will not order.