Baseus-H07 headphones / headset. How much hi-res for the people?

Headphones were purchased during a smallrecurrence of hamsters, just out of interest. Hooked a combination of low prices, attractive appearance and claimed compliance with the Hi-Res specification - I wanted to look at this miracle live.
The stated characteristics:
32 ohm impedance

Sensitivity 106 dB
20Hz-40kHz range
Cable length 1.2 m
Material aluminum + plastic
AFC from the manufacturer

The package went a little less than a month in a pimply package.
The box is pretty - small, with high-quality printing, UV varnish and embossed image of the headphones themselves. In general, the gift is not ashamed.

In the lower left corner there is a Hi-Res nameplate. In the comments on Muska met the idea that if the Hi-Res logo on the box is a sticker, then this is a label and is not binding on the manufacturer. So here the logo is printed by printing method, in theory, the manufacturer is responsible for his statement.
Also on the box there is a logo, orsub-brand, under which Baseus produces audio equipment, or the company that developed these headphones on the very-as-for-Xiaomi principle. At the request of Encok, Google provides links only to headphones, headsets, and Baseus speakers, and when trying to translate google translate it says that in Indonesian this word means “gout”.
Inside the box, headphones and ear pads are located in different boxes. Actually, the whole set - headphones and two pairs of ear cushions.

Headphones look, as for me, very good. The main part is made of metal and covered with vertical notches. On the rear covers there are radial notches and a shiny rim around the perimeter, in the center there is a compensation hole. The second hole is near the sound guide. The sound system is plastic, rather thick, covered with a metal grid and angled to the headphone case. The leads from the headphones are long and flexible. There are no letter marks for the right / left earpiece, but there is a tactile mark on the left earpiece output; in any case, it’s impossible to confuse them because of the mowed sound heads.

The wire is soft and flexible, but rather thin. It is not much confused, the form is remembered by large coils. Hard rubber divider, the input-output wires to the dividers are not protected by anything. The plug is g-shaped, “gold-plated”, the body is made of the same material as the divider; there is a tiny cambric at the wire's output; In principle, the body is comfortable. On the wire of the right earpiece is a microphone. The body of the microphone is all one big button - it is convenient, you do not need to grope for anything. The microphone is normal, it transmits clearly and without extraneous sounds.

Headphones sit in your ear comfortably. In winter, the convenience of wearing headphones with a headdress becomes relevant, so I decided to check how they sit under the cap. I wear ordinary knitted hats; surprisingly, with these headphones there is almost no discomfort - even though the cases are rather large, they don’t put pressure on the ears under the autumn cap at all, and under the dense winter they press a little.
By the way, when poking the headphones deeper intothe ear canal, the right speaker crunches, and when a low-frequency signal is applied through the frequency generator program, the same speaker produces a rattle that when listening to music is unnoticeable - so I suspect that in the long run the right earphone may malfunction.
Sound tested on the Xduoo X3 player.

The test selection includes the compositions of groups and performers:
Dr. Dre
Lasley gore
Led zeppelin
Louis armstrong
Marie laforet
Alone in a canoe
Vivienne mort
Christina Soloviy
All compositions in FLAC format, mainly 16 / 44.1. I also partially listened to the Prime Test CD.
Concerning Hi-Res 100% complianceI can not give, because of the tools I have only my own ears. When using a frequency generator program on a smartphone, I hear vibrations from 17 Hz, I can distinguish high vibrations up to 18 kHz. Considering that with the heroes of my first audio review, the Saijianpu M5, under the same conditions, I heard frequencies from 27 Hz to 18 kHz, I can conclude that the limits of the frequency range of these headphones are still wider at least in the low frequencies (the limit in 18 kHz most likely speaks of the threshold of high frequency perception by me personally).
On the other hand, Hi-Res compliance does not mean sound quality.
On this occasion, I had an ambiguousopinion. The main question is that the headphones sound like that, because “it happened that way”, or the manufacturer achieved this purposefully. If you try to describe the sound in one word - this word will be “soft”. There is absolutely nothing annoying about the sound of the headphones - they do not “hammer”, they do not “saw”, and there is no hint of sibilance. This is for now the only headphones in which I can listen to music for really long. Usually I have enough one album at a time, after which I want to take a break, to switch from the perception of audio information to something else. And in the review heroes I can listen to music for several hours in a row without noticeable fatigue. The other side of the medal is that there is absolutely nothing to hit the headphones, everything is smooth, combed and not very interesting.
Bass, as for me, is too soft, it lacks energy and detail. If you give associations, it seems that the membrane is not tight on the drums.
Average also can not boast of energy. The vocal, both female and male, sounds normal - although it does not take a soul, but, I repeat, without a hint of sibilance. But the guitars do not growl, but rather buzz.
High in simple songs sound good,but in the key of the general presentation they are also softened - lightness and causticity, these are not epithets for this model. In compositions with an abundance of instruments, the high ones are completely muffled and appear in the background.
Detail on a mediocre level. Songs consisting of voice and 2-3 instruments sound quite legible, but the richer and more complex the composition, the worse the distinct parts are distinguishable.
By the totality of characteristics, I can not namethese headphones are bad - they are well made, look good, are comfortable to use, their sound does not cause negative emotions. A good option to create a non-distracting background music in conjunction with the phone, or an inexpensive player on the codec. But, if it is the sound quality that is put at the forefront, then for this price there may be more interesting options.
If you decide to buy, keep in mind that in the application you can almost always take the seller’s coupon for 2 from 6, so the price looks much nicer :)