Headphones, copy of Monster Beats Tour

I wanted beautiful and stylish headphones, and that is not expensive.
He was afraid for the sound quality, but in vain. =)
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Headphones came in a small box, wrapped in a bubble and all this in an envelope. Everything is whole inside and out. =)
After opening the bag and pimple, I found a cover with the letter “b”.

We open and see: beautifully twisted and packed headphones, in a bag spare Ear Pads (3 sets).
We put in the soup, connect to the player and the music .... That should immediately say:
Strong "bottom" (bass), even too much as for me. They seem to be choking. Equalizer, adjust the sound settings, and get good enough headphones for your money. At the computer, I liked them even more in terms of sound.
Complete isolation from the world of surrounding sounds (if you listen to something).

Build quality, all solidly assembled,"Noodles" wires like. Maybe in some places there are irregularities, then only on the cord rubber (or whatever the material), but those are not significant. The case of the headphones themselves is like plastic with a metal insert near the letter “b”.
To take it or not, you decide again. =)
Bonus photos