Headphones Magaosi BK50

It has long been eyeing the model BK50 knownI didn’t wait for the Chinese manufacturer Magaosi, but I didn’t wait for a Russian-speaking review of this model, and as they say: if the mountain doesn’t go to Mohammed, then Mohammed goes to the mountain. My small review on this model.

• Brand: Magaosi
• Model: VK-50
• Radiator: Dynamic + Reinforcement
• Resistance: 32 Ohm
• Sensitivity: 112 dB
• Frequency range: 5-28000 Hz
• Cable length: 1.2 m
Headphones come in plain cardboard packaging. Inside the case is very good with embossed under the skin.

In the case of the headphones themselves and two bags with one pair of silicone tips and three pairs of excellent foam tips.

Headphones look just fine, like a breath of fresh air in the relative monotony of the market. Very cool, smart and soft wire, the form does not remember.

A protective transparent cap is put on the plug of the wire - a trifle, but nice. The plug itself is straight gilded, the size is huge and I consider it a minus.

On the cases there is a logo of the manufacturer and the designation of the left and right headphones.

The divider of wires is executed in the form of a keg with a logo of the producer. The round stop is in the shape of a bead.

The headphones themselves have two compensationholes, one near the sound guide, the second near the MMCX connector. The sound guides are anatomical and covered with a protective metal mesh. Headphone build quality is superb. Separately, I want to note their color. It is unusual and attracts attention.

Sound sources
• Creative SB Audigy Sound Card
• Meizu Pro 6 Plus
The feed is closer to the dark and slightly V shaped. The imaginary scene is average in depth and in width.
Bass has good depth and resolution. It is dense, massive and penetrative. Headphone bass prevails quite noticeably. Bassheads will not be disappointed at least.
The mids are a bit pushed into the background, but they are well outlined with an excellent separation of instruments.
High frequencies are detailed and clean; they fit perfectly into the overall sound pitch and do not have the slightest hint of sibilance.
Personal conclusion
Headphones left a good impression. Good kit, great sound, great cable, unusual color. I strongly recommend lovers of bass and direct landing.
All good