NiceHKC EB2 headphones are not a good option for all genres.

Hello, friends. Today there will be a small review of EB2 headphones from the NiceHCK Audio Store. I have already visited a certain number of headphones from this store, for some I did even reviews here, some just listened and sold or donated. I got the current model with a good discount, so it will be p.18.

I like how this shop works, Jim alwayspromptly sends the goods and solves problems if they arise. But now is not about that. The parcel arrived in a couple of weeks and I received it before the new year. It was packed in a regular bag, and inside was already a box with headphones.

These are the first ears from this paper-based store.packaging, before that, or just in a bag were or in a case. There is a package with simple printing, although it does not affect the sound, but it looks more presentable).
On the front of the headphone image and model name.

Behind the technical characteristics of the device.

• Brand: NiceHCK
• Model: EB2
• Type: inserts
• Resistance: 32Ω
• Headphone sensitivity: 116dB / mw
• Frequency range: 15-25000 Hz
• Interface: 3.5 mm
• Cable length: 1.2m ± 5 cm
• Emitter diameter: 14.8mm
• Weight: 15 g
• Color: black, steel
• Whether with a microphone: no
• Driver type: dynamic
And as they say in the description, the sound is like in the flagship EBX model, which costs under $ 100, but I don’t have it, so I cannot confirm or deny it.
So, inside the paper packaging, a case with headphones is already known to everyone from other reviews. He is branded, well made, the same from another model has been living for a year already.

Inside it’s a simple set: these are EB2 headphones, a cable clip and a set of interchangeable ones
foam ear cushions.

The ear cushions are of two types, bagels and which completely cover the radiators.

The headphones themselves, unlike my other models, are made of metal. The cable in this model is also better than the cheaper ones. It is twisted in a soft silicone shell.

Headphones have a good shape, they are good.they sit in their ears even without ear cushions, but with them sound insulation is better. They do not have the right and left channel inscriptions, instead they have the colored symbols on the legs of the radiators.

Photo on me.

On the back of the case emitters havecompensation holes. The case of the plug and cable splitter is also made of metal. On the cable separator there is a slider to pull the cable to the chin. The plug is straight, here for an amateur, someone more like the L-shaped.

Together with Qian 69.

On the Internet there is such a picture with the frequency response of these ears.

Well, actually, a little walk through the soundheadphone data. I listened to them on my player Meiyu A5Plus, a computer with a built-in sound card and a pair of Meizu 5C and Poptel P10 phones. All music was listened to in lossless formats. Of similar characteristics, Qian 69 now remained in my house, so I compared it with them, as I listen to music on trips. Inserts are not suitable for everyone, so the fit of the headphones and the sound itself will depend on the shape of the ears. In my ears with donned ear cushions, they sit tight and create a fairly good sound insulation, although of course they can not be compared with plugs. In general, the sound of the headphone data I can describe as smooth, natural. If in Qian 69, there is a protrusion of high frequencies, here everything is smooth. In EB2, mids are better expressed, these headphones are great for listening to vocals, they are not suitable for fast electronic music. Bass is not crushed, they just are. The sound is loud, it is uncomfortable to listen at the maximum volume, it will hurt the ears), although there is no distortion of sound. This model is perfect for quiet listening instrumental and vocal compositions. For example, compositions Queen and B-2 listen to them with a bang. In general, who enjoys such genres, can take these ears, plus, they normally play on phones, in contrast to the EB200 that I have in my expectation of something).
Thank you all for reading, all the above is my opinion and may not coincide with yours.)