Revonext QT3 Headphones | Revonext RX8

Hello. I recently reviewed the hybrid headphones Revonext QT2, I really liked them. Imperfect of course, but the sound came up to many, due to the raised low and high frequencies. Manufacturers went ahead and released two new models.
FOR RX8 ask only 26 bucks, the standard scheme for its time is 1 + 1, 1 speaker and 1 reinforcement radiator.

QT3 on paper - serious headphones, which replaced the QT2, there is already a 2 + 2 scheme (2DD + 2BA).
I'll start with the budget RX8.

Under the plastic cases, one speaker and one reinforcing emitter were placed, 1 + 1 scheme.

Armature radiator as usual - installed closer to the sound guide.
And again we are greeted by white, plump,cardboard box. It has not changed since QT2. The dust jacket is rather thin, and the cardboard backing is dense, on the cover there are characteristics, the color is indicated, the emitters scheme.

The same characteristics that are funny, the design of the headphones was developed in Sweden, oh how.

Mark the ordered version on the side, with or without a microphone.

RX: two pairs of spare tips, cable and instruction. Nozzles like QT3 and QT2.
QT3: Shells lie on a foam backing, just below two pairs of nozzles, and there is a cable in a white box. Instructions do not forget to put.
Nozzles are not bad, even more; with other headphones, these tips proved to be gorgeous, they were chosen by the manufacturer correctly.

The entire QT3 weighs 24.5 grams:

RX8: 20.4 grams (the case is much lighter, since plastic).

RX8 possess replaceable 2pin cable, this cableI came across earlier. Absolutely the same use on headphones BQEYZ KC2 and BQ3. The cable is incredibly light, soft and pleasant. In the cold I honestly didn’t check it, but I’ll highlight the following points from the pros: I don’t remember the shape at all, it’s confused only by the splitter (thin wiring), there are convenient ear hooks without metal rods. There is a slider for height adjustment (to adjust for themselves).

Another plus is a nice, g shaped plug made of rubber.

Both models still have a branded adhesive tape, which you need to detach yourself.
Splitter and runner:

As I have already said, we liked ears: they didn’t remember the shape, but they don’t dislodge the case from the ears either. The bite is the simplest, transparent tube, which is given a certain shape of bending.

The 2Pin plugs are the same as the RX8 and QT3. There is an L-R on the plug, and there are special protrusions (notches) for easy removal.
Shells are excellent, build quality is super.

The sound system is closed with a mesh; there are 2 compensation holes:

He himself is shifted for a comfortable fit in the ear (at an angle) and has a small ledge.

Marking and drawing with the name, it's all there.

2pin connectors are red (0.78) securely fixed, the sound never disappears.

The cover (faceplate) is very unusual, there is a rounded metal insert (grooved).
The plastic itself is slippery, glossy, the build quality is good.

I liked the shape of the cases, they are small, they fit well in the ears.

Sources of sound: Daart Canary, Shanling M0.
Headphones sound good, but compete with moreexpensive hybrids can not. For its price - just good. The sound is close to neutral, but ... The lower middle frequencies lack saturation and warmth here, they are sluggish and slightly crushed. But the upper middle - uuuuh, bullied, and how. Bass practically does not bulge, but not cut as in Tin Audio T2. High frequencies are present, but the blanket does not overtighten.
Headphones at the expense of the peak in the upper middle turned out to be very bright, on high-speed music with an abundance of instruments, the sound turns to mush.
Low frequencies are not bad, without super resolution and detail, but it seemed to me pleasant and of high quality. Bashedam and just bass lovers ... you should not consider this model.
The mids are rather boring, albeit not bad in detail. The scene is average, the vocals sound normal, not muted.
They remind me of the model Mevi, from the company Lypertek, something like arvika (Arvicka Hybrid), a light, bright sound.
Conclusion: $ 26 is a normal price tag, with a Novoreg coupon will be even cheaper. Also, the seller himself gives them a discount ($ 4). TRN V80 they do not overplay.
Flagship QT3, there are already 2 dynamic and 2 reinforcing radiator. Simply put, the same QT2 with an additional reinforcement radiator (there was only one QT2).

They did not change the cable, so I quote myself.
The cable here is not the best, it springs and it has a memory effect, the cable from TRN V80 will be better.
I met a similar cable at inexpensiveinserts (Qian 69), the cable has a transparent, silicone braid. Looks pretty cheap and easy. Optionally, you can replace the other, from the V80 or from other models.
The metal plug is of small diameter (6mm), with Revonext applied, there is a protective cambric.

Metal divider:

Aluminum control unit, plastic button.

Each plug has a triple protrusion, due to which you can easily disconnect the wire from the housing:

Eyes did not change:

The cases resemble KZ ZS6, which, in turn, copied from the expensive campfire audio headphones.
Build quality (production, painting) onhigh level, I do not observe gaps, the cover is securely fastened with three screws. The seam is neat, matte finish. The sound system is protected by a metal plate, the 2pin connector is recessed, under it is the application with the name. There is a markup where a headphone is. From the outside there are three holes covered with a grill. Near the sound guide there is one compensation hole. Armature radiator is located closer to the sound guide.
The sound guide itself has a protrusion, its diameter is6mm, and a little further: 5.7mm. Earphone size as follows: 21.5 (long part) and 11 millimeters in thickness. If to compare with PHB EM-023, they will be 13mm thick, due to a small protrusion, the QT3 has no protrusion in this part.

The screws are again on the thread lock, the upper screw is shorter than the other two:

Metal plate / grille:


Here I liked the mounting of 2pin connectors,if you look closely, the connector is recessed in a special platform, on each side it is held by a metal-sharp rim, that is, they are fixed almost tightly, here's how to do it! .. You can also see 2 speakers of different diameters and connections inside. Inside, everything is properly covered with glue.
Now sound. As for the charts, this one is right for me:
Additional Information

And on the site thephonograph wrong schedule.
The sound disappointed me, I like QT2 muchmore. I often say in my reviews that I like a neutral sound, when the low frequencies slightly protrude (quite a bit), when the middle one sounds rich and rich, without a noticeable rise on the upper middle ones, and when the high ones have a small dip. Alas, Revonext QT3 does not fit this description. Rather, on the contrary, they emit high frequencies, upper middle, unreal bright headphones in the spirit of KZ ZS6.
There is no claim, powerful and pleasant bass, with good control. Sabbas is deep and without noticeable distortion.
Adding another reinforcement radiator, Revonextonly made it worse. It seems that no one was engaged in sound, well, they added and added, on the whole, the averages as in the younger model, but we add to it all the battered upper middle.
Sadness - sadness, for a long time I have not heard this,There are a lot of highs (a lot of ugliness), because they spoil the whole picture of the sound. It’s just impossible to listen to these headphones without an equalizer. It’s hard to concentrate on the composition, on the musical instruments, since the top is being overwhelmed with everything possible, there is an unnatural hiss and sand ... already. Also, headphones emphasize sibilance, constantly emit sounds from the C, allocate plates.

In general, ears on the fan.
And yet, I was recently asked what I myself can advise in the category up to $ 30 and up to $ 50. Everything is simple, TRN V80 with foam nozzles, as well as Senfer DT8. KZ AS10 is also nothing like that.
Thanks for attention.