Small car styling.

Hello to the whole community. I decided to write a small review and dilute posts about banks and other usb charges. I understand that the product is specific and a little forging will be useful, but still I could not tell. Moreover, any car styling in our country is pretty expensive.
And so to the review. When I had just chosen a car, I noticed an unpainted plastic at the bottom of the bumper, then I also thought that the Germans saved it with a pancake :)

Walking around the cabin, s’ka came acrosswhich plastic was chromed. And once again buying something on Ali, I tried to drive my typewriter into the search, to my surprise the site gave out a whole bunch of things, including chrome under the front bumper.
Order came quickly. The chrome itself does not look bad, it is attached with a double scotch that I was embarrassed at the beginning, but a month has passed and the car has gone through more than one sink, everything seems to hold. In my opinion for such a price is just an excellent product :) Even for the sake of curiosity it is worth buying a try. Also, the seller saw the same lining, but black lacquered color and under pseudo carbon :) Before sticking, I washed the car and dried it thoroughly. From a distance of a meter look like a native and can not say that the lining. I enclose photos before and after, tried to make them as similar as possible, for ease of comparison.