Inexpensive t5388i communicator with two SIM cards on windows mobile 6.5

Today I’ll tell you about this Chinese communicator with two SIM cards, as well as try to write all its pros and cons.
I bought this phone more than a year ago, the price was even more than $ 160.
I chose a communicator with 2 SIM cards and preferably on windows mobile 6.5 (I didn’t want to switch to android, it was too raw for the Chinese). So I stopped on this phone.

Here is how the phone looks after using 1 year:
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A mirror film is stuck on the phone (I really liked my wife, I almost chose the phone myself))) For me, this film is not a very good choice, because strongly dims the screen.
And now the characteristics of the phone:
Case: wear-resistant plastic.
Processor: Hisilicon-K3 533 mhz (this is fair)
Two SIM cards of the GSM 850/900/1800/1900 standard, but one radio module. Therefore, calling yourself will not work.
Screen: 3.2 "WQVGA, touch, resolution 240x400, resistive.
The phone is running Windows Mobile 6.5.
Support for microSD memory cards (up to 16GB)
The camera is 3.2Mpx, but shoots the phone as 0.3Mpx
ROM memory: 256MB
RAM memory: 128MB
Available: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, FM-radio, GPRS, WAP, G-Sensor, GPS, etc.
Standby time: 140-250h.
Talk time: 2-5h.
Battery Capacity: 1650mA
The phone does not have 3G support or even no supportEDGE (although there is a connection icon), works only through GPRS, and the speed of this protocol, to say the least, is low. But there is Wi-Fi and it is very helpful, especially if there is a 3G Wi-Fi router.
These are real phone specifications!
It's full FAQ on this phone (took a little from there)
Grade was good:
1 * Phone
2 * Li-ion batteries
1 * USB cable
1 * English instruction
1 * Charging
1 * Headphones (wired headset)
Dimensions: 102mm * 55mm * 16mm
Weight: 110 gr.
Additional Information

Before this phone used the communicator asusp750, but I needed 2 SIM cards, but I didn’t want to give up the communicator. When the phone went through, naturally I checked it. Everything works smartly, calls from both SIM cards.
GPS worked much better than in asus, because GPS + A-GPS is present in this phone and if there is a mobile connection, satellites find it quickly. And when working with Navitel, this is generally a fairy tale, but the GPS battery “eats” well.
Additional Information

As seen in the photo above, the speakers have nosick holes, I did it on purpose, so that the sound was louder, because the t5388i sound is a bit quiet (albeit quality), and with holes it becomes louder.
Additional Information

The screen on the phone is not bad, but after using the capacitive screen on the tablet, I understood how slow the resistive screen is.
The screen resolution is a bit nonstandard (240x400) so some programs are displayed a little incorrectly, but almost everyone works and doesn’t even “slow down”.
The battery "holds" well, if you use only the connection, the phone can live without recharging for 7 days. But if you actively use, then I think enough for 1 day, but with difficulty.
The phone is charged via miniUSB, but I immediately bought a charging station for it (it charges the battery separately). The charging station charges the clock battery 6.
I did not play games and didn’t watch movies, although people say that everything works well.
His camera is very bad, or rather, he has 2 of them, but both of them, to say the least, are bad.
I really liked the alarm G-Alarm, because The G-sensor worked well in it, and when I wanted to lie still, you only need to wipe the phone and the alarm clock will transfer the call for 6-7 minutes (“doze” mode), but this of course needs to be set up.
The connection is not bad, but sometimes it happens, if the reception is not sure and the network is lost, then a reboot may be necessary to find the network again, but this is very rare for me.
Pluses of this phone:
+ This is of course a low price for a communicator (when I bought an asus, it cost more than 17 kilo rubles), and this one is only about 5 kilo rubles, and now it's a little more than 3.
+ Good GPS (also compared with its asus)
+ In principle, there was enough RAM, but of course it would have been better more, at least 256MB, in the asus there were generally 64MB, but I soldered another one, that would be 128MB.
+ Good battery, keeps charge for a long time.
+ Almost all programs work, but some slow down.
+ Good and high-quality case
+ Wi-Fi present
And now the cons:
- Very bad 2 cameras
- Quiet speaker, you need to make holes in the case, so that the sound was louder
- Today, the resistive screen "dies" and better, of course, capacitive
- Sometimes it loses the network and finds it very bad, helps reboot
- Not all come SMS (so that everyone comes you need to put a special patch)
A good and convenient communicator for such a small amount, although it requires a little refinement with a “file”.
Very soon (today or tomorrow) the WG2000 phone will come to the android and will use it, and I will give this to my wife. I will write about the WG2000 in the near future, waiting ...
Additional Information

I also forgot to add, the phone has never been flashed, everything works without problems for me, although the people were stitching if there were any glitches.