Unusual book case with a mirror cover for Xiaomi Redmi 4x

A primitive title, but really an original cover for the full work of which there are already 3 applications ... curves, of course.
To replace the cover from MOFi this unnamed hero of the review was chosen. Selected purely for the appearance and desire to understand how comfortable the transparent cover.

In general, I am not a supporter of photographs of postal packaging, but I received such a package for the first time.

Inside a sandwich filled with a boot.

Photographing mirror objects for me is always a test, but I tried.
On the cover are shipping films foravoid scratches, and applied functional circuit. A piece of foam rubber with a QR code is inserted into the cradle for the phone, which leads us to the page with applications.

The front side is made of pink tinted plastic, the rest is made of plastic with a slightly velvety coating of beige color.

We remove films, we insert phone and ... frames 10 we smear with focus.

Phone is inserted easily, even too. It does not leave the feeling that it may fall, but this did not happen even with intense shaking.

For me personally, the main plus of such cases is the ability to transform into a stand. It turns out convenient, there is a small protrusion on the lodgement for a clear fixation.

Moving on to the most controversial part of this.cover - applications. First of all, it should be mentioned that in spite of the fact that the “smart cover” mode is activated in the phone, and also it works properly with the previous cover, this instance refuses to unlock and wake the phone. But exactly until you download the application.
According to the QR code, we are transferred to the page, towhich offers to download 3 applications to choose from. The lower one is clearly not suitable for us, so we don’t even consider the left most functional, and the right most beautiful).
To begin, download the left application, which is called "Square window" and is clearly intended for a cover of another type, but only in this application we see a fairly wide range of settings.

Ok, try the right application. It offers a number of skins for display on the screen when the cover is closed. And everything would be fine, but after installing it, the phone does not go to the unlock menu. You close the lid - a pretty picture with a clock, you open it - it blinks and returns to its place. It was solved only by rebooting and instant removal.

As a result, it was decided to leave the first application,but not only because it gives decent watches, but also because it cannot be removed. There’s no way at all, trying to delete, like the process has gone, and then the message is something like “this application cannot be deleted”. Somewhat disappointing, incomprehensible, and the inner paranoid is moving.
In any case, the case looks like in the work like this:

Case nice, looks elegant, high qualityand unusual. Phone protects, mother like, t. basic functions work. It would be cool if the screen reacted through the glass, but with its thickness it was not even a calculation. Applications cause paranoia and irritation.