IP68 unkillable phone for $ 24, what is it? Phone review VKWorld New Stone V3

A brutal phone with a robust case, protection against dust and moisture according to the standard IP68, a large battery, and even for a penny. Interesting?
A little backstory purchase. Last year, by the beginning of the school year, I bought a watch for my son through which we could track its location and contact if necessary. The clock served for over a year, until one day there was a misfortune. After such damage, the sensor refused to work and the clock went on a well-deserved rest.

There was a question about buying a new device. We have thrown away the variant with the new watch, because the child has already grown a bit and wanted a phone. The clock somehow looked too childish, and indeed speaking through them was not very convenient, especially at school. The smartphone was decided not to take it yet, because it has vision problems (myopia) and if you have a smartphone it will play 100% and spoil your eyesight even more. It was decided to take an ordinary push-button telephone. And when I saw VKWORLD New Stone V3, I realized that this is exactly what I was looking for. It will be difficult to break it, there is protection against water - this is what you need for a kid. He runs all the time, fooling around with his classmates - such a phone will easily withstand any scrape. A good battery is another point that has bribed. In the last hours, the battery had to be charged every other day and often he forgot to do this, as a result he had to leave the clock at home. And I heard such a brand - VKWORLD. This third echelon is not much better in quality than noname. Once there was even their smartphone on the review, although it was buggy and braking. But I thought that with a push-button telephone it was difficult to mess up much and paid for the order. The cost of it is absolutely ridiculous - $ 24, and if something does not like it, then just leave it as a spare. Sometimes I go hiking and there it will definitely be appropriate. In general, these were my expectations. Well, what happened in reality - find out right now. The phone has been in use for several months now and I have something to say about it.
Proof of purchase

Technical specifications stated on the VKWORLD site:
Screen: 2.4 "TFT with 320 * 240 resolution
Communications: GSM - 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
Slots: 3 SIM card slots + separate slot for micro SD memory card
Protection: IP68
Battery: 3000 mAh
Optional: FM radio, Bluetooth 2.0, flashlight, powerful audio speaker
Dimensions: 139 mm * 62 mm * 22 mm
Weight: 189 g
A few words about packaging. It looks pretty, with colorful printing, but in fact flimsy and fragile, the cardboard is thin and the box has been seriously damaged on the road. It's good that we have a secure phone, otherwise the consequences could have been much more serious.

Inside was actually the phone itself, as well as a charger, cable and documentation.

The charger looks very cheap and suspiciously light. The label indicates that it can produce a current of up to 1A at a voltage of 5V. European plug, without any adapters.

During operation, I noticed that the phonevery long charge. Checking the charging with the help of electronic load, everything fell into place. The maximum that the adapter can produce is 0.5A, and when you try to increase the current a little more, the voltage drops sharply.

But this is not the only deception from the manufacturer. Cheated here and with battery capacity. In the description, 3000 mAh is claimed, and in fact only 1782 mAh was poured into a fully discharged battery. And the charge lasted 5 hours and 7 minutes.

Why so long? Yes, because the current when charging does not exceed 0.38A. Ie a complete charger, with a maximum current of 0.5A, the phone is enough for the eyes. Even if you use a 1A or 2A charger, the phone will not charge faster. The restriction is precisely in the controller.

Nevertheless, with the autonomy of the phone, everything isokay A full charge is enough for at least 7 to 10 days of medium-active use: about a dozen calls a day, the radio through an external speaker and a flashlight (his son uses very often on the street at night, and in children's games he is constantly involved). The discharge is not uniform. The first week the device shows a full charge, after which the divisions begin to evaporate on the eyes and after a couple of days the phone asks for charging.
Look at the look. The phone looks powerful and you can immediately see that it is sturdy - falls from the height of child growth onto the floor without any consequences.

But when buying, I did not take into account one important point - the physical dimensions. In an adult hand, the phone looks quite natural and convenient to use.

But in the children's hand, he looks huge. The child is not very comfortable to use it: the phone is large and trite does not fit in the pocket of children's pants or trousers, you have to carry it in a briefcase or jacket pocket. Of course, the son has already adapted himself to carry it with him, but now I understand that it is better to look for something more compact for the child. It will be especially problematic to use it in the summer.

But if we ignore the fact that heI bought a child - the size is quite normal for an adult. I liked the keyboard - the buttons are large and Russian letters are inscribed on them. The font is also large, so it can be used by older people.

Speaker interesting beat in terms of design. Its volume is high, at the maximum value it seems that the speakerphone is on, so we reduced the volume to 50%.

"Brick" is quite thick, but strong - the side faces are dressed in thick plastic.

At the bottom is a plug, in which USB is written in huge letters.

Under the cap, two connectors were hidden: a micro USB for charging the phone and a full-sized USB for distributing power to other devices.

Yes, the phone can work in Power Bank mode,but as we remember, the battery capacity is rather modest. He can naturally give even less. A fully charged phone was able to give only 1072 mAh, after which it was cut off. Using it as an external battery is a dubious pleasure, unless in a pinch, if you need to recharge a smarter device. On the other hand, you can connect a USB flashlight or USB fan, which can be useful for fishing or hiking.

By the way, the phone has its own flashlight, it is located on the top.

And I can assure you that its brightness is much greater than that of most smartphones.

That's how it lights the room in total darkness.(5 meters to the door). On the street, it can be actively used to illuminate your legs in the dark. On fishing, on a camping trip or on vacation, he, too, would not be superfluous.

The back of the phone looks weird. The battery is covered with a lid that is held by 6 screws.

In the upper part they placed a large speaker andcamera, there is also an eyelet that can be used for lanyard. The sound of the speaker is very loud, through it you can listen to the radio, which is immediately turned on through the external speaker. There is no headphone jack on the phone and for me it was a nasty surprise. Somehow it means that the phone with a memory card must have a headphone jack. Do you need to listen to music somehow? But here you can listen to music only through a common speaker.

The camera is installed for a tick. The stated resolution is 2 MP, but the quality of the photo is just awful - more like stretched 0.3 MP, and even with poor sharpness at the edges of the picture. For example, show one photo. In addition to the hellish resolution and sharpness, I note the wrong color reproduction. Instead of the blue box color in the picture turned out purple ...

We continue to get acquainted with the phone, which gave a few more surprises. By unscrewing the 6 screws, you can remove the cover and get into the compartment with the battery and slots for the SIM card / memory card.

As you can see, water resistance is achieved bypressing the silicone seal around the perimeter of the cover. And it depends on how tightly the lid is pressed, whether the water gets inside. Literally a few days after the child started walking with the phone, I decided to install a memory card for him (to install my ringtone, listen to music and take some pictures). And I was very surprised when I unscrewed the lid and found water under it. I started to find out that yes, as it turned out, the child decided to show off to his friends with a new, unkillable phone and they drowned him in puddles after the lessons with the whole class ...

There was little water, only a few droplets, butI did not like that the moisture was able to get there at all. Before that, I did not tighten the screws much, but after this incident I decided to tighten them harder. He pulled, pulled and pulled the thread from the leftmost screw. More precisely, the thread vomited out of the plastic case, after which the lid didn’t generally press tightly and now the water could easily get there. I promaterilsya, took out the super glue and pasted the thread into place. Now keeps fine. The result - you need to tighten much, but not very

You can consider the battery. Physically, it is large, but as I found out, its real capacity does not correspond to the declared one. Real 1800 mAh out of 3000 mAh stated. Maybe it’s just that I was so “lucky”, but in any case it only speaks about the low quality of the components.

Although its dimensions are such that they could accommodate 5000 mAh.

Under the battery, you can consider the slots for simcards and memory card slot. The phone supports working simultaneously with three SIM cards of standard sizes. For some, this can be a significant plus, but I use only one SIM card.

Now I will show you the menus and phone capabilities in work. The screen is large and the content on it is quite good to read even on the street. Fonts are large and simple to manage, the child figured out very quickly.

Contacts and call logs allow you to callcaller from the phone book or dial the number manually. The numbers in the dialer are large, the fonts are smaller, but also clearly visible. If the text does not fit on the screen, it is cyclically scrolled. Translation into Russian is normal almost everywhere.

It is possible to send and receive textmessages. If a message has arrived, an icon in the form of an envelope is displayed on the main screen. You can read it by going to the messages section. In the multimedia section, you can launch an MP3 player (displays covers, track titles, progress, etc.), there is also an FM radio. You can listen to music only through a common speaker, as there is no headphone jack. A simple file manager allows you to access a memory card and open a supported file from there (music, video or pictures).

I have already shown the quality of the camera, it is impossible to use it. There are many settings in it, you can record video, but the quality is just dark ...

In the tools section there is an opportunity to exitInternet (GPRS only), calendar, alarm clock, calculator, etc. The item “charging treasure” activates the power bank mode, that is, it allows you to charge other devices with the phone. Also, the tools have a flashlight, but it is more convenient to start it simply from the physical keyboard (you need to hold down the central button with a flashlight for a couple of seconds). You can turn on bluetooth to transfer data. There is also a built-in reader and voice recorder. The driving section works only with the installed memory card and allows you to use the phone as a video recorder. With such a recording quality, this is completely meaningless exercise. The last item is the settings.

Here you can adjust sound profiles (set ringtone, volume, etc.), adjust the screen (select wallpaper, set brightness), etc. In general, the standard for phone settings.

Now personal impressions of use. Its main function is calls, the phone performs normally. The speaker is loud, the other person hears you well. The signal does not lose. And nobody expected more from the phone. As a bonus - a good flashlight and a strong protected case. Yes, and it costs a penny. I would buy it for a child now, knowing all the features? Not. For a child, he is big and not very comfortable. Now I see this phone more as an option for fishing, construction, hiking or for the elderly. Until the summer I will leave his son while he goes to school - he can carry him in his briefcase. But in the summer, when there will be no place to wear it, we will think about a replacement. What exactly to take for replacement, I have not decided yet. Perhaps it will be some kind of compact smartphone, for example, iphone 5C (but the small battery confuses here), and maybe just buy him another, less cumbersome dialer, like Nokia 105. If you can advise something or share your experience - I will be grateful. In advanced smartphones, I am an ace, but it turned out to be an incredibly difficult task to pick up something for a child - everything is either big or expensive. Well, again, due to the fact that my son has myopia, I don’t really want to buy a smartphone. Most children are now stuck around the clock in games on tiny screens, spoiling their eyesight ...
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