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Laptop battery for hp compaq 615
So hello! This is my first review and second online purchase.
So I got hooked on Chinese online shopping. My first purchase was a MiniPC MK802. The review of this device has already been done on the site and therefore I will not submit it, but I will say that I received what I expected, even more.

So, the battery.
The battery was ordered instead of native, out of order. Native battery had a capacity of 4200mAh. Ali found batteries with a capacity of 5200 mAh.
When ordering, its price was slightly less - $ 25.20
Battery specifications

After ordering and 22 days of waiting, I received in the mailthe package in which there was a box with the battery. What surprised me, even in the mail, is the small weight of the package. I even thought that the package was empty. Unfortunately there are no scales, but the native battery seems harder.
Sorry for the photo, but ...

Batteries. Native at the top and new at the bottom

The battery came charged at 62%.

Native 4200 mAh battery. But it is really harder.
After installation and recharging:

After the first charge, the laptop worked from the battery, in surfing mode over the network, with Wi-Fi turned on, 2 hours and 20 minutes before shutting down.
Actually, here is a report. It's early to talk about the durability of the battery, but the fact that it is working can already be said.
+ Battery working and went without a file
- Doubts about the capacity of the battery. 45360 mWh / 10.8 V = 4200 mAh, not 5200, as stated by the seller and on the battery itself.