Turtle nightlight

I decided to please my wife.

Plush turtle night light. Stars and crescents are projected from the shell into the ceiling and walls. Judging by the advertising, there are also signs of the zodiac (I am tight with astronomy, so for me it’s just a scatter of stars).
3 diode colors: green blue yellow

powered by 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Modes are selected by buttons on the back of the shell
auto power off after 45 minutes
Package went long enough. Our mail, as always, has distinguished itself:
paid February 12, the next day the sellergave the track. The parcel started to be cracked only on March 3 on exports from China. Further silence until March 22. 21 began a dispute, as 22 tracking woke up and the package went to Russia

Instead of a box, a package arrived on the page of the product:

a roll of a pimple, polyfoam. whole content:

battery compartment in the belly, closed with velcro. screw cap

the middle button in the bottom for some reason a different color and in the glue

Well, in the work:

You can choose the modes of light-constantly one color or a smooth change. It is also written that you can choose the signs of the zodiac, but something I did not understand how to do it.
Of the minuses, the button is a different color.
Summary-a good gift for children, for such a penny

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