Night light starry sky"

Good day, the inhabitants of!
Today I will talk about another trinket from the Chinese brothers, namely, the Starry Nightlight.
It was bought for $ 5.57, now the price has increased.
There were already three reviews of this product, so the old-timers of the site will not find anything new for themselves, except for photos of entrails and small recommendations for improving the nightlight with a soldering iron.

Personal rating - 3 out of 5 (and what else to expect from a toy for five bucks?), Details under the cut.
The night-lamp arrived in a fairly battered “life” (if you know what I mean) a cardboard box.

The kit includes:
- Actually nightlight itself
- USB power cord
- Network memory socket-USB with evrovilkoy.

Thus, the device can be powered from 3 AA batteries OR from USB or from the network. Pay attention to the first “or” - it is impossible to power the device simultaneously from the batteries and the power supply connector! About this further.
The night lamp has three modes of operation: light bulb, three multi-colored diode and both light sources at the same time. The diodes and the bulb turn on with two buttons on the side of the lamp. Dome nightlight swivel, rotates all. The circumference of the stand is divided into 12 months, which theoretically should give the opportunity to get a picture of the sky at the moment. In fact, this element is useless, since the picture of the sky in this night light has nothing to do with reality.
As already noted in previous reviews,the stars and the moon are "split" due to the fact that the diodes are spaced far apart. And if you also turn on the light bulb, another “copy” will be added. It also takes place to be dissynchronized colors of the diodes over time, and this is not a chip, but a bug, although, it should be noted, it looks interesting.

As seen in the photo, the design of the spotlightsimple, if not primitive. No current limiting resistors, no control circuit. The change of colors is carried out by the diodes themselves, which causes dissynchrony. The use of a light bulb in this device is fully justified by the fact that it gives a light directed evenly in all directions. Although, of course, it is a fierce anachronism.
The most shock design - the batteries are connectedparallel to the memory connector! I think it is not necessary to explain what happens with non-rechargeable batteries, if they are given external power. In any case, in USB, I would not dare to connect this. What prevented the Chinese from spending another millionth cent on a piece of wire to the connector is a mystery.
How can this be improved?
Here are two ways. The first is to use the third contact on the power supply connector; this contact is intended to break the internal power supply circuit when the plug is connected. The second is to solder the diode in series with the battery pack and solder the same diode in series with the power supply plug.
Conclusion - the nightlight is quite suitable for children. For adults, too, is suitable if you include only diodes. Stars, romance ...