Notebook (netbook) with 14 ″ display and Intel Atom D2500 processor

Another toy for my wife. The choice was emotional “I want white!”, And as for the characteristics, the netbook is needed for the Internet and, maybe, to watch movies.
Result: arrived, turned on, running. In general, nice, but not without a pair of spoons of tar.

Updates: performance in detail, touchpad, pictures of the memory module and hard disk.
Main characteristics:
Processor: Intel Atom D2500 (1.86 GHz)
Display: 14 inches, widescreen 16: 9, anti-glare
Memory: 2 GB
Disk: 320 GB
Video: integrated
Ports: 2xUSB 2.0, 1xHDMI, 1x Earphones, 1xLAN
Card reader: SD / MMC
Webcam: 1.3 MP (according to the seller)
Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (at least there is something in the device manager).
Battery: 7.4 V, 3000 mAh (according to the seller, 3500 mAh according to the label on the battery)
Sizes (from the seller): 34.5 * 22.6 * 2 cm
Weight (from seller): 1.46 kg (measured: 1.44 kg)
The box looks like this:

On Aliexpress recently there are a lot of variations of this machine, so I chose the place where they promised the most interesting price. And the price consists of several elements:
1) Basic configuration
2) Wishes (memory, disk, OS language, Cyrillic on the keyboard)
3) Shipping
After a couple of days of digging, I gave up and thought that this store would be the most reasonable price. Therefore, proceeded to discuss options with the seller.
What bribed - they answered immediately, quickly, saying that my wishes (4 GB of memory and the Russian language of the system and keyboard) without question at the following price:
1) Russian +2 dollars to the price
2) Additional 2 GB of memory - +6 dollars to the price
It was funny when I was interested, it’s impossibleI get a machine with a D2500 processor. The girl manager (judging by his nickname) said that no, it’s impossible, they only have D425. I agreed, and a little later the manager-boy was cut through (also judging by his nickname), who apologized that there was no D425, and suggested replacing it with D2500.
Now they have only one option on the page - D2500.
As usual, the most distressing is the delivery. They sent only EMS and only for $ 60. What is interesting, for some reason now they don’t want to send to Russia at all, and I have no idea why.
The final price turned out to be USD 284.06 (including the estimated upgrade, delivery and a $ 5 coupon discount).
I took the computer from the EMS myself, so there will be no heartbreaking stories about couriers.
What did you get. Absolutely snow-white nice machine. Glossy on top, in other places - matte.

On the left is a wired network connector, next to it is a neat one.hinged lid with one USB port, HDMI and headphone output. The lid is made so that when the laptop is on a solid surface, all ports are open and accessible.

On the right is the power connector, another USB port and a slot for SD / MMC. In the USB receiver is already living from the mouse - it is quite suitable to estimate the thickness of the body. I didn’t have enough hands to measure the roulette

Front pair of indicators - network / battery and wireless.

What else like the design. Firstly, the fact that the shock absorbers are not forgotten.

Secondly, a very attractive profile.

Screen. As promised, 14 inches. And besides - anti-glare, which in general is a plus. Very bright, without dead pixels. The color rendition is not said to be accurate, but he especially does not need it.
So I'm trying to show the characteristics of anti-reflective coating. Here, from the side of the screen:

But what about the glossy cover:

Above the screen is a webcam and microphone. The camera is so-so - there are honest 0.3 million pixels, judging by the picture.

Under the screen, the power button plus indicators: drive, Caps Lock, Num Lock. There's also a microphone icon, so I'm a little confused: it is possible that the microphone is at the bottom, and not near the camera.

Keyboard. Island type. In general, not bad, but it is clear that it is completely Chinese: on my Rapoo, the buttons are pressed softer and more pleasant. Cyrillic on the buttons is present, the font is the thin Times, the usual for the Chinese.

Touchpad Large and almost comfortable, you will still have to play around with its sensitivity. "Mouse" buttons look like a monolithic key. Click on the left - the left button; click on the right - right. Slide your finger along the right edge of the touchpad - scrolling. Multitouch is not. In general, everything is as it should be.

Identify the touchpad failed:

Included, in addition to the netbook - a network adapter and a CD with drivers.
Included, as usual, with a sinking heart. Nevertheless, this thing turned on, and a small study of the system showed that the memory is not 4 GB, but even two. Despite the fact that I paid the upgrade.
Conversations with the seller had no result. At first they convinced me that there was 4 GB, and then they stopped responding altogether. I didn’t make a fuss, I just described this rake to the review about the purchase - so that others would not come.
Subjectively, the machine is pretty nimble andalmost silent. The screen does not hang out. Windows 7 performance index - 3.1. Another advantage is that, judging by the name, there is a Seagate disc there, and, it seems, it is assembled from more or less normal components. It is possible, of course, that this is some sort of rejection, but I hope for the best.

Wi-Fi works as expected. Bluetooth has not won yet, because it did not do it.
Control of all functions - either through the OS, or the key combination Fn + F1 - F8.

From other subjective moments. Very light network adapter, noticeably hot. On the other hand, notebook power supplies are all hot, and some also come with fans.
In addition, the laptop is noticeably heated at the bottom - obviously, in the area of ​​the processor. Is there active cooling? Judging by the characteristic (but very quiet) sound of the fans - there is.
Other cons - no hibernation in shutdown(only sleep), and the disk is divided into a bunch of small sections. The wife refused to merge them, wants separate discs for a separate type of content (photos, music, films).
The battery life is about 1.5-2 hours with near-maximum display brightness and Wi-Fi. For a netbook, of course, this is not enough. And for a laptop with such a weight and with such a tiny battery - normal.

And inside she has a neon, that's what he has inside.
Fully expansion compartment:

Ventilation slots from the inside are covered with a large "grid":

Wireless Card:

Memory. Its still 2 GB, so that the Chinese would not promise me there. Those. sent the standard configuration, despite the fact that I ordered an upgrade to 4 GB:

HDD. In my case - another Chinese school. Judging by the inscription, this is a hard drive from repair - Certified Repaired HDD:

A small FAQ just in case:
Q: Why order this # $% from China when you can add XXX $ and buy ASUS / ACER / DELL / HP / Lenovo / MSI here?
A: Ad shop came, wife said “I want!”, Did not react to other irritants.
Q: so why do I need a computer with a dead D2500?
A: See the answer to the first question.
Q: and ... ??? !!!
A: See the answer to the first question.