Laptop transformer Teclast F5

Once upon a time there was a laptop Lenovo Yoga 710-11. He lived, and then died. It took an inexpensive replacement (somewhere around $ 250). Sluggishly sought among the used, but nothing worthy was turned up. If TTX is decent, then it weighs a lot, if light, then there is an atom with 2gb ram / 32gb emmc.

Required - more or less decent processor(better than an atom), 8 gigabytes of RAM, full SSD, diagonal 11-12 ", weight in the region of a kilogram. In principle, transferability was not required, the usual laptop would fit, but nothing interesting was seen with the desired TTX. Plus, the touchscreen is just convenient A bunch of touchpad + touchscreen allows you to connect the mouse much less frequently.
But an hour before the end of the sale 11.11 turned up a coupon for $ 50, because after quick reflection it was decided to take Teclast F5. I have already dealt with devices from Teclast, for their money they are quite decent, although at times they require some modification with a file.
I myself have been using Lenovo Yoga 710-11 for the last two years, because from time to time I will compare the Chinese to the Chinese and the brand Chinese (if anything else, another Yogi died, not the one I use).
Purchase and delivery
As already said, I bought at the very end of the sale for $ 255 with a handful of coupons.
$ 400 is obviously the price to scare the buyer, and then offer a "discount". You can usually find this laptop in the area of ​​$ 320-330, at the gearbest in mid-November I saw for $ 300 on a flash sale.
There was no shipment from Russia; from China, preparation for shipment went on for a long time.
The order was made on November 12, a few days later the seller wrote, “I’m sewn up after the sale, please extend the delivery time”.
The track of the form RxxxLV eventually issued November 21, 22the parcel was marked as sent, then stopped for a long time, on December 10 it was noted as coming to Latvia, on the 14th it was in St. Petersburg and 18 came to me (which is strange, usually even from Latvia everything goes through Vnukovo).
TTXProcessor: Celeron N4100, 4 cores, 1.1GHz (2.4GHz boost)
Graphics card: built-in, Intel HD Graphics 600
Screen: 11.6 ", 1920 × 1080, IPS
Disk: SSD 128 GB M.2 2242
Battery: 3850 mAh
Wireless interfaces: Bluetooth 4.1, Wifi 2.4G / 5G
Ports: USB Type-C, microUSB, microHDMI, microSD, headphones.
Dimensions (measured): 275mm X 190mm X 14mm (plus or minus millimeter)
Weight (declared): 1080 grams (the scales, unlike roulette, I hid somewhere, because then the Chinese will have to believe).
OS: Windows 10
Tasks for which the laptop was taken. Internet, movies, small things - remote administration and work with the database.
Desirable - an acceptable job World of Warcraft.
Appearance Supplied in a large white box (slightly crumpled at the corners upon delivery).

Included, besides the laptop, power supply, OTG-cable for microUSB, a little booklets.

Dimensions relative to A4 paper. The shipping film is glued, because it glares.

Down side. Bolts, rubber feet and compartment for SSD. Paste shipping film.

Right - usb-C (used for charging), microHDMI, microUSB (usb2), microphone, card reader (microSD), speaker.

Rear loops only. With pasted shipping film.

Nothing interesting in front either.

On the left, there is a headphone jack, a volume control, a power button, a second microphone and a second speaker.

Open laptop. So far I did not want to remove the protective films - because the laptop is still not for myself, although I later removed it from the screen. But already after taking photos.

The case material is metal outside, the keyboard is plastic.
It is assembled well - it does not bend, it is not a script, the hinges are quite tight, but it is not fixed in the tablet mode, a slight backlash remains.
Lenovo Yoga, for example, is fixed with magnets. Therefore, when the text in the tablet mode is on the table, then everything is fine.
But when you hold it in your hands, the screen sometimes vibrates when touched. I will not say that it is very annoying, but such minor shortcomings are usually for the Chinese.

On the other hand, Yoga (710-11) is plastic, so you constantly have to make sure that it is not scratched. In textbook this issue is much better, scratching is not so easy.
In tablet mode. The Teclast caption works like a start button.

Next to the ten-inch grandfather:

Insides Upgrade to a laptop can only SSD - and for him there is a compartment with quick access.

The bottom cover is fixed 12 bolts, cross. Lenova has an asterisk. Removed without any problems, a little latch.
Most of the space is occupied by the battery, on the left under the black cover of the motherboard. The battery normally shuts off (in some cases it is soldered to the motherboard).

"Cover" of the motherboard, it seems, is made of paintedcopper - along the way performs the role of a radiator. There is no contact with the case, so that the possibility of finalizing the cooling system is available. Minimally - to put some thermal pad between the "radiator" and the case.

Motherboard. Everything is integrated, even Wi-Fi is soldered - do not change. Thermal pads are quite evenly fixed. They say that in some cases they are glued crookedly and there is no contact with the microcircuits, or partial. The bolts that fasten the radiator cap are very flimsy. One tightened - turned the cap. I will not even say that I used some enormous force. You can find a replacement for him, but I have nothing to pull out the leg. Therefore, he made a blob of a glue gun there, so that the body at this place would provide a clamp.

Fastening the loop. The weak point of laptops, especially transformers. In Chinese, everything is usually screwed to plastic - this is no exception. Yoga has a metal plate that is “riveted” to the plastic of the lid, and then bolts are screwed to it — that is, the force is not directly transferred to the plastic.

For comparison, a piece of Yogi:

Well, the Chinese would not be Chinese ifdo without jambs in the assembly. This is one of two magnets that keep the laptop screen in a closed state. At autopsy, he fell out of his nest, had to glue. For some, it falls out right on delivery and hangs inside the case.

Processor and PerformanceProcessor - Celeron N4100 1.1GHz (2.4GHz boost).
Of course, this is not i7, but people still work inoffice tasks on Core2Duo and not really suffer. I myself have a laptop in use of the end of the zero on the Core2Duo U9600 - I will not say that I feel somehow disadvantaged when I sit with it on the Internet. It does not fly, of course, but it is quite enough for work (documentation, forums, news, etc.). Today the main thing is to have enough RAM. What does this laptop have better than many budget cards, where usually four gigabytes are set, sometimes six.
CPU-Z info:

Information GPU-Z, about the video core:


Kraken benchmark
RESULTS (means and 95% confidence intervals)
Total: 3188.9ms ± 0.6%
ai: 437.6ms ± 1.1%
astar: 437.6ms ± 1.1%
audio: 1018.0ms ± 1.2%
beat-detection: 228.9ms ± 1.8%
dft: 479.8ms ± 3.6%
fft: 151.0ms ± 1.8%
oscillator: 158.3ms ± 6.9%
imaging: 881.1ms ± 0.8%
gaussian-blur: 318.0ms ± 0.8%
darkroom: 309.0ms ± 0.5%
desaturate: 254.1ms ± 2.5%
json: 128.5ms ± 1.0%
parse-financial: 68.0ms ± 1.8%
stringify-tinderbox: 60.5ms ± 0.6%
stanford: 723.7ms ± 3.3%
crypto-aes: 215.8ms ± 3.4%
crypto-ccm: 158.0ms ± 1.8%
crypto-pbkdf2: 263.2ms ± 5.7%
crypto-sha256-iterative: 86.7ms ± 3.6%
I trapped the laptop for half an hour with the help of Aida64. In throttling does not go away, but it drops the frequency when heated.
Starts with 2300Mhz and 80 degrees, after a coupleminutes, reduces the frequency, then the temperature ranges from 70-75, and the frequency - from 1600 to 2000. So if you want to work at full frequency for a long time, you will have to do cooling. Although still in the BIOS, you can play around with the settings of throttling and make it not so aggressive. But the bios is generic here, so once again it’s better not to climb - there are too many switches and there are chances of turning the notebook around by turning on or off something unsupported.
By the way, aida does not see the temperature of the processor, openhardwaremonitor too. I had to use realtemp to track temperatures.

A common question in reviews of laptops and tablets is “will the tanks go?”
World of Tanks.
I tried the usual tanks, not blitz. Resolution 1280x720, full screen, graphics settings at minimum.
In my opinion, it turned out quite playable,fairly stable 30-40 frames per second. I play with the same fps on the desktop (Ryzen 2200G, embedded video) - though the graphics on it are somewhat better.

Full screenshots:
The first.
The picture is, of course, scary, but if you really want to play, you can be patient.
World of Warcraft:
Warcraft's frame rate is worse. Average I would say that 12-13, and so varies from 9 to 20.

Full screenshots:
The first.
The picture is also ugly, even worse than in tanks.
But warcraft has a lot of graphics options, I think you can try to get something digestible.
At the expense of the same subjective performance - inI would not go serious raids with such fps, but it is quite possible to make dailies, go on expeditions, heroics and search for raids with a dealer. But, as already said, you have to poke around with the settings and addons, I have a lot of them hung. At a minimum, all accounts can be disabled.
Screen. Diagonal 11.6 ", resolution 1920 × 1080, IPS.
Matrix information:
Model name …………… LC116LF3L01
Windows description …… Generic PnP Monitor
Manufacturer …………. NCP
Plug and Play ID ... ... ... NCP0000
Serial number ………… n / a
Manufacture date ........ 2016, ISO week 0
Filter driver …………. None
EDID revision ......... 1.4
Input signal type …… .. Digital (DisplayPort)
Color bit depth ………. 8 bits per primary color
Color encoding formats ... RGB 4: 4: 4
Screen size …………. 260 x 150 mm (11.8 in)
Power management ... ... ... Not supported
Extension blocs ………. None
DDC / CI ………………. n / a
Color characteristics
Default color space ...… sRGB
Display gamma ............ 2.20
Red chromaticity ………. Rx 0.640 - Ry 0.329
Green chromaticity ....... Gx 0,300 - Gy 0,600
Blue chromaticity …… .. Bx 0.149 - By 0.060
White point (default) .... Wx 0.313 - Wy 0.328
Additional descriptors ... None

Viewing angles
Good ones. Colors practically do not change at any angle. Unless when you look at almost 90 degrees, the colors darken somewhat.
With indoor lighting 30% is enough. Minimal - comfortable enough to work in the dark. In the sun, unfortunately, there is no possibility to check yet, turned off for prevention.
Update: The sun turned on for a while. Winter, of course, but what is. At full brightness, in principle, the picture can be seen normally. There are reflections, but it’s real to work sideways to the sun.
Input devices (keyboard, touchpad,touchscreen) The keyboard is tactile quite decent, does not fail, almost does not rattle (left shift, ctrl, Caps and Tab), keys of normal size and location, I can type blindly without problems. F-keys initially work as Fx, additional functions via Fn. Disadvantages - few buttons. There is no Ins, no Home / End / PgUp / PgDn - even through Fn.
Update: here was wrong, if you press the “Namlock” buttons with Fn, then you can find the missing one. Fn + 7 is Home, Fn + J - End, Fn + 9 - PgUp, etc.
Well, there is no Russian language, but it is quite expected. Stickers are ordered. I would take a laptop for myself - I would not even bother. At the expense of laser engraving - not in my village.

The touchpad is neutral. Fairly accurate, large enough (for such a diagonal). It supports some multi-finger gestures, but I’m too lazy to teach them, except for scrolling with two fingers, I don’t remember anything. And there is no need - there is a touchscreen. The touchpad in this case is needed only to more accurately position the cursor where you cannot reach it with your finger.
The touchscreen is good, problems with the development of touchnot. Ten simultaneous touches are supported. After removing the shipping film, the protective film was stuck. Pasted so-so, in one place departs. To the touch is not too pleasant, but tolerable. Collects prints well enough, they are scrubbed much worse than with glass. But when the screen is on, they are not annoying.
When the laptop turns over into a tabletmode, the keyboard with touchpad off. Switching occurs when the screen rotates slightly more than 180 degrees. If you just deploy to 180 - then the keyboard still works, if you continue to move, the keyboard turns off, the auto-rotate screen turns on, and the tablet mode of dozens (if configured).
If you disable the action to close the lidthe laptop, then when you close the lid, the screen just turns off. And if an external monitor is connected at the same time, it will automatically become the main display. True, the laptop will also offer to switch to the tablet mode, but this is configured-disabled. So, by connecting an external monitor and keyboard with a mouse, the laptop can be used as a system unit.
From the interesting - there is support for the stylus. Not included, necessary buy separately (~ $ 20-30, as lucky with discounts). I did not order - I had tablets with stylus - in their daily work there was little use for them. Especially if there is no nest for storing the stylus.
But for lovers of this business there is an opportunity.

Camera and sound The camera here is located in a rather strange place, in the lower right corner of the screen. This has not met yet. I saw only the camera on the side of the screen, my Dell’s such.

The user is watching the camera fromchin up Unusual and not always good. On the other hand, my grandmother loves to put a camera in such a way that only her top is visible on Skype. Therefore, for her, a camera under the screen would be more convenient.

The sound is quite proper.
The speakers look to the side, the volume is normal, the sound quality is legible. Better than the speakers of my desktop monitor, for example.
Microphones also work fine. Some people note a lot of noise when recording, but in this instance there is nothing like that, the voice is written clearly, and nothing else is needed.
Headphones connected via a 3.5mm jack do not make noise.
The disk here is 128 gigabytes, M.2 2242. Not the most common offline (because of what is expensive), but the Chinese like to put this size in their laptops. Teklastovskiy disk:

SMI 224x / 225x SSD Flash ID ATA reader v0.551a by Ochkin Vadim
OS: 10.0 build 17134
Use: smi_flash_id disk_num [u]
- u - model check override
0: (Teclast 128GB NS550-2242
Please select drive number: 0
Drive: 0 (ATA)
Identify - ok!
Smart - ok!
Model: Teclast 128GB NS550-2242
Fw: Q0927A
Size: 122104 MB
From smart: [SMI2246XT] [2017-09-27]
Controller: SM2246XT
IOCtl: failed 0x5!
Possible disk has partition within first 64MB.

And very slow even for Chinese. No, I have a kingdian two years ago, which, after filling the buffer at 50 MB / s. Data writes, but there is at least a buffer of 300 MB / sec. shows. And then either there is no cache at all, or it is so slow.

In general, the disc is clearly asking for a replacement. Not necessarily immediately - for everyday life it suffices, in principle. But at the first opportunity I will change.
Well, heap card reader:

Also very slowly, clearly hanging on usb2. Programs from here to run clearly not worth it, but movies, music and books can be kept. And the card practically does not stick out, which allows it to always be kept in the slot and not be afraid that it will cling to something.
Battery The battery capacity is 3850 mAh, 5 hours of video playback are stated.
At the same Yoga managed to put the battery on5000mAh with a tail with the same weight of the laptop. Affects the difference in the materials of the case. But yozhi is charging through a separate port, and here via usb-c - which, for example, makes it possible to use external batteries with power delivery support.
The laptop is charging via USB-C. Included is a charger with the appropriate connector, but it is stupid - without USB Power Delivery support. Always gives 12 volts. Therefore, if possible, it is recommended to hide it away, and charge the laptop with a normal PD with PD support.
A particularly powerful power supply is not needed, something around 30 watts is enough. I took such. Cost $ 15, arrived in two weeks. Charging cable included, PD supported, laptop charging.
The problem with charging is a common one - thatshe stops at 97-98%. And then the eternal “five minutes left” hangs. Most likely, some kind of charge controller glitch. One of the users responded that he took two laptops (with a difference of a month) - there is one problem, the other is not.
It is difficult to say the exact charging time because of this, but from 5% to 95% is charged in about 1 hour and 50 minutes.
Update: Reached finally to the store, bought a usb c-c cable, was able to connect the tester and see how the laptop behaves after 97%. The cables, however, are long, so there surely is a voltage drop, but the trend should be clear.
When charging on the included laptop goes about 1.2-1.5A, on off a little less, 1.0-1.2A.
After reaching 95%, I turned off the laptop - and when the laptop is off, the consumption is about 0.25A.
Of course, I can not say exactly where it goesThis energy - is it trying to shove a laptop into the battery or is it just going to "support" the sleep mode. Over time, up to 0.16A consumption decreased. So slowly I tend to conclude that you can score on “perpetual exercise”.
Working hours.
No serious tests drove, just enjoyed. The mode has chosen the “improved battery” - it is quite enough to work on the Internet without unpleasant emotions.

I climbed on the Internet, put-delete programs,I watched the movie from the home server and several videos from YouTube. It turned out about 4 hours and 40 minutes (of which the video is about two hours with kopecks). So, in principle, five hours of work in the Cinema + Internet mode is achievable if you turn the video from a local disk, at a lower brightness or at maximum power saving - even in it 4K is played without loss of frames and noticeable CPU usage.
At maximum performance, the battery sits for an hour and a half or two.
At the minimum brightness and minimum processor frequency, it is possible to pull out seven hours of reading books.
Wireless Interfaces Declared bluetooth 4.1 and wifi 2.4G / 5G. Work. But the antenna is clearly weak.
Bluetooth normally pulls the mouse andHeadphones, but you should not move away from the laptop during operation - somewhere in three meters the sound in the headphones already stutters, and maybe even get lost before reconnecting.
Weifai is also not one of the most sensitive, it does not reach the access point through two brick load-bearing walls, and it sees less neighbor networks than my other laptops.
So if you want to move away from the headphoneslaptop for ten meters or work with him for three bearing walls - then this laptop is not about you. One bearing wall about eight meters from the router also breaks through with difficulty. Through drywall within 7-8 meters from the router there are no communication problems, with a good signal and the speed is good:


USB Type-C
There are no adapters in the kit, so you have to use your own. Well, or connect the hub.
To be able to simultaneouslyconnect both peripherals and power supply, you must have a hub with PD support. I wanted to save time, because I just went and bought a type-C hub in the nearest five роч for 800 rubles. It is quite working, but does not support charging, despite the whole two type-C ports. Therefore, I had to order a hub with PD support from the Chinese, but it will be a long time to go. So while either charging, or devices.
After using the adapter or hub port -full USB3. There is enough power to unwind a WD Black hard drive (500GB, 7200RPM) via a USB-SATA adapter. Card readers, flash drives, mice and keyboards also work without problems.
The attached adapter is quite working, no complaints about it. The port in this case is USB2, so the speeds are appropriate. The above hard drive can also be connected, it works.
microHDMI - normally connects externalmonitor, lag unnoticed. It is better to use an adapter with a cable so that the HDMI connector can be moved away from the case and it doesn’t interfere with inserting something into the neighboring ports. For example, I have a usbC-usbA short adapter (without a cable), because my microHDMI-HDMI adapter will not let it stick.
Pre-installed Windows 10 (not Pro). Initially in English, but normally switches to Russian. Of the garbage software except that Google Chrome is preinstalled, the rest of the system is clean. I myself have not yet reinstalled - first I will get a new SSD. But, according to reviews, you can put Windows 10 Pro - and it is normally activated.
I'm not going to install Linux, but for the sake of interest I launched LiveCD Ubuntu 18.10.
At first glance, it all started: The screen resolution is correct, the Wi-Fi worked, the battery was visible, even the touchscreen started. The sound was also there, though through the headphone output. Probably, it was possible to somehow switch it to the internal speakers, but I did not want to understand.

If you are interested, here are lspci and lsusb:
[email protected]: ~ $ lspci
00: 00.0 Host bridge: Intel Corporation Device 31f0 (rev 03)
00: 00.1 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 318c (rev 03)
00: 02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Device 3185 (rev 03)
00: 0e.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation Device 3198 (rev 03)
00: 0f.0 Communication controller: Intel Corporation Device 319a (rev 03)
00: 12.0 SATA controller: Intel Corporation Device 31e3 (rev 03)
00: 13.0 PCI bridge: Intel Corporation Device 31d8 (rev f3)
00: 15.0 USB controller: Intel Corporation Device 31a8 (rev 03)
00: 16.0 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31ac (rev 03)
00: 16.1 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31ae (rev 03)
00: 16.2 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31b0 (rev 03)
00: 16.3 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31b2 (rev 03)
00: 17.0 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31b4 (rev 03)
00: 17.1 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31b6 (rev 03)
00: 17.2 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31b8 (rev 03)
00: 17.3 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31ba (rev 03)
00: 18.0 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31bc (rev 03)
00: 18.1 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31be (rev 03)
00: 18.2 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31c0 (rev 03)
00: 18.3 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31ee (rev 03)
00: 19.0 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31c2 (rev 03)
00: 19.1 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31c4 (rev 03)
00: 19.2 Signal processing controller: Intel Corporation Device 31c6 (rev 03)
00: 1c.0 SD Host Controller: Intel Corporation Device 31cc (rev 03)
00: 1e.0 SD Host Controller: Intel Corporation Device 31d0 (rev 03)
00: 1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation Device 31e8 (rev 03)
00: 1f.1 SMBus: Intel Corporation Device 31d4 (rev 03)
01: 00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 3165 (rev 81)
[email protected]: ~ $ lsusb
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 13fd: 3e40 Initio Corporation
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b: 0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0bda: 5830 Realtek Semiconductor Corp.
Bus 001 Device 004: ID 09da: 024f A4Tech Co., Ltd. RF Receiver and G6-20D Wireless Optical Mouse
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 8087: 0a2a Intel Corp.
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 0bda: 0129 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTS5129 Card Reader Controller
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b: 0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Build quality, at least external, on the inside there are some questions.
Sufficiently productive configuration (processor, memory, full SSD).
Good screen.
Convenient input devices.
Nice sound.
The volume on the side is convenient, sometimes I don’t have a separate volume button on the Yoge when I use it in tablet mode.
Decent battery. Not the best, of course, but the Chinese are much worse - with the same declared performance characteristics.
Cons All ports expansion can only be used through adapters.
It’s better to remove the power supply unit immediately, so as not to accidentally plug it into the phone.
Glitchy battery controller.
The power button with the lid closed is not blocked, you can accidentally turn on the laptop in the bag.
For prolonged use of the processor under full load, it is necessary to modify the cooling.
Card reader on USB2.
Buttons on the keyboard is not enough.
Verdict your money (especially with my discount) - the choice is excellent. There are practically no competitors in this price category (12 "weighing a kilogram and costing around $ 300).
Not without cons, of course, but when the Chineseiron was not cons? Critical, I do not see, and the little things can be forgiven. If you do not try to play heavy games on this laptop, then it is enough just to buy a normal power supply unit and a USB hub. SSD, albeit slow, but not to the degree of "horror-horror." Yes, and you can change.