New Year's gift for the nephew of Quad Band Telefono Movil Flip Car Cell Phone W8 + MP3 MP4 FM Bluetooth Luxury Car Phone

Kitaphone in an unusual form factor, or a New Year gift for a nephew. Unusual toy from our Chinese brothers =)) for those interested - I ask under the cat, there will be a lot of pictures =)
Hello everyone, after the break, I decided to look at such an unusual device from the sky, I think it will be worthy of your attention.

So in order:

I ordered it from sold on December 1, the phone has already been sent3rd, in the mail took the 15th! This seller sends to Singapore (this is the best for Ukraine) and the support of the Cyrillic keyboard was announced (not deceived), which was the final choice.
The box with the phone was wrapped with a triple layer of pimples and a yellow tape without a package, everything arrived intact.
I apologize in advance for the quality of some photos, the camera is dead, I also took a recently received JiaYu G2.
psychedelic coloring box

open up

• Charger with a normal plug (!)
• Stereo headset (headphones with a clever jack)
• USB cable with the same connector
• 2 batteries (the real capacity did not check how the replacement of batteries from relatively new models is good)

Everything is packed in bags, pasted on the phoneprotective wrapping film, take out the phone, looks for 5+, covered with blue lacquered metallic, just like a real car, recalled models from childhood and old samsungi-raskrivushki - only the inscription farreri as always surprising =))

turn the belly up, we can see, opa-kayan =)) the camera's eye is located on the bottom cover and not on the flip.

remove the cover and find that it is metallic and acts as an antenna

a blue paper is stuck on it, some kind of Chinese excise tax or certificate (on JiaYu G2 was the same)
SIM card slot looks unusual, SIM cardsThey are inserted one above the other and for convenience of withdrawal, you can use a sliding tray, a micro SD card is inserted next to it (put the first 2 gigabyte in one, did not check it with a larger capacity)

We insert the battery and push the lid back, it sits quite tightly and does not accidentally open.
Open the flip, one hand open uncomfortable if there are no nails.

The keyboard is closer, it is not sold, it isCyrillic, crooked engraved, not erased with a fingernail (of course I didn’t rub too much, but it seems to stick together with the lacquer coating of the buttons), there are buttons for quick access to the player, camera and SMS, the rear wheels also act as buttons (I initially thought that this was loudness ), but the dictaphone is crammed into one and the second video player.

when turned on (off), the phone “pleases”%) with sound and views of the arriving (departing) Porsche, and the logo thereof.
When I was looking for a review on such things, I didn’t likeinformation about the device menu. Of course, I guess that it is possible to 90% repeat any other Chinese phone, but since I had only brands in my hands before, I decided to describe it in more detail:
A bunch of letters to describe the capabilities of the phone, who are too lazy to read - at the bottom of the mini video review

Video review
Sample incoming call
Pros: The usual simple dual-use Chinese dialer in the form factor of a toy, know how to twang mp3, have a camera, radio and bluetooth, LED garland, a wow effect for a kid, a great gift by the new year.
Minuses: non-standard connector for charging and headphones, in which case it will be difficult to find the wire, the camera niochem, the opening sound - closing the lid (if not disconnected) will significantly reduce the number of healthy nerve cells in parents =)), functional poverty (for example, you can’t add games, maybe , not suitable for older children).