New Case for Nokia 112

For my 5 years, often being in my pocket along with sand, keys and screws, my Nokia 112 was worn out. Yes, so I had to look closely at sunny weather. I ordered a new case.
The color is terrible, it is not at all Nokiev's noblered. Photos do not transmit horror. Despite the fact that in the photographs it is found with a red keyboard, the body came in with a black one. A slit is visible around the speaker.

The seal around the screen is missing.

In the original, the inscriptions were glued elements.

Here you can see the broken upper latch.

The glass on the “chamber” is glued onto a small piece of scotch tape. In the original, it is glued completely.

There is no seal around the microphone.
There is also a small piece of hardware, to the left of the speaker. You can rearrange it, but back only to glue.
And here you can see the only difference stamps.

The first impression after a transplant - Wow! What a clear screen!
Negative - there is a gap along the entire perimeter, the largest at the top and bottom, somewhere in the 0.7 mm.
Alas, now she will eat sand much more actively. Maybe I'll try to re-paste the glass on the old case.
In something I am glad that I did not order the used Nokia N72 (it seems) or N95. If the quality is the same there, then it is a complete ahtung.
PS: Something about the post turned out in the tone of "do not take this stuff." In fact, everything is not so bad, it's better to slit than a matte screen. But the color is still ugly.
PPS: Commentary on the news about the release of the new Nokia push-button - “The dual and triple cameras of competitors are completely hit by zero. Frameless shame is replaced by a fat frame with naturally tactile knobs at the bottom. And by the number of buttons, touch products are finally torn to shreds. The ease of one-handed control leaves no chance to any tricks of the android shells. There are no less slots for SD cards than in the iPhone, and more for SIM cards by a whole one. Headphone jack and removable battery again make deprived Yabloko emanate envy. Security is head and shoulders above the vaunted iOS. Gambling and Internet addiction to the owner of this super-compact miracle does not threaten absolutely. For few addicts, there is Tetris, for which Apple has been jamming for many years now, forcing its unfortunate users to scour the store and additionally shell out. The dull artificial intelligence is replaced by a much more intelligent brain of the owner. In terms of autonomy, weight and price, all smartphones are in general defeated. The conciseness and simplicity of the interface captivate and bribe. Ergonomic rigorous design relentlessly discards fashion for general scouring 20 years ago. And most importantly, no monobrovi. Before us is the real killer of all the flagships of the Finns who have returned to the big game! ”