New smartphone from China. Great quality. Encounter Hero 9300+ MTK6577

So I decided to unsubscribe from my new acquisition from heaven.
There is a review on Mysku, but the seller is different, and the more specific information, the better. IMHO.
So we meet a new hero. HERO 9300+ On the new platform MTK 6577. The term of possession is 2 weeks.
Let's start with the packaging:

I ordered 2 phones by EMS delivery. I will write about the second in a separate review, I’ll just say that mtk6577, a copy of SGS3.
Both came perfectly packed, not a single corner is jammed. Everything is done professionally. EMC, as usual, refused to open it, so it opened alone.
Under the wrapping layers I was greeted by a black box with a silver silhouette of the phone.
Inside: Gorgeous phone with a deep black screen. Two silver batteries, headset, 1 A charger! The usual back cover, flip cover (combined with the back cover), protective film with a napkin, instruction, SD 16Gb memory card already installed in the phone, which hints at the quality check before sending.

photo 3

photo 4

photo 5

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photo 7

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photo 9

link to full sized photos
There are a lot of photos on the seller’s website, the photos are not retouched, so get exactly what is on the photo
On the file hosting service. Size 200 MB. The password to the file is mysku. Reduced did not, as requested to improve the review
Batteries with a proud inscription 2800 mAh.
In practice, I was very pleased with this battery. At 7 in the morning, taking off from the s / w turned on WiFi was 100%. The brightness is almost at maximum, one! Sim card (the second has not yet got). About an hour of conversations per day, 30 minutes of surfing, 15 minutes of games. The next morning, 51% of the remaining charge. And the second day in the same mode. Excellent result. At 1 ampere s / y does not charge too long (at night I do not track).
Headset - works
Flip case.
Fine! Well made. Edging rubberized. It looks decent and quite functional. Easy to bend back, allowing you to use in the car holder, and speaking comfortably.
Does not increase the phone! Makes imperceptibly thicker by 1 mm! Easily worn in the pocket of jeans, does not interfere sitting on a chair and in the car.
Indescribable! Of course, this can be said in me by my joy, for the first time the result exceeded expectations.
Deep black, the picture is excellent and juicy.
Native film in the furnace, pasted matte. Universal fit perfectly in width, mowed the corners and got the usual “rough” screen
Brightness is not affected, readable in the sun.
To say that quickly is to say nothing. Very smart, applications load very quickly. Came with 2 Chinese applications, not stuffed with unnecessary software. But with a 3D simulator, which allowed us to immediately look at the speed of working graphics and tilt sensors. Everything works quickly and without lags.
If there are problems, I will unsubscribe, although I doubt it.
I see no reason to change the factory firmware when everything works.
Platform Processor
MTK 6577 1GHz Cortex A9 Dual Core.
What is there to add? Fast, contagion. There are a lot of tests on the Internet for an antito that tell me the same thing
A9 is capable of playing high definition video.
This screen looks good.
Ram. RAM
512 Mb of RAM is more than enough, well, you will not play several heavy games at the same time.
I think this is all interesting. With such a screen is a sin not to use.
While using my own. Loads quickly. Allows you to scale.
Itself fits in size, it is convenient to read.
Video, music, books, photos all with a bang.
It works immediately when installing from the market. Immediately checked the video call on the iPhone. Fine.
Great alternative to Skype, but without the video. It works well too. Integrated, does not interfere, does not lag.
Internet radio
WiFi can also be noted here.
The application starts instantly, clings to the network for 2 seconds.
WiFi works perfectly, showing confident reception away from the router, where other phones have lower average quality.
3G also shows good results. But almost always surrounded by WiFi, so I use little.
The audit was carried out on the streets of the glorious city of Yekaterinburg.
Installed Navitel. Starting the program is seconds. It finds satellites quickly, does not take them out of the way. In general, very worthy, especially with a 5.3-inch screen.
On the camera for video calls I will not stop, it works, of normal quality.
The main camera is a proud inscription 8 MEGA
panorama. industrial view from the window (I cut two frames, because there was no place to turn)

Daddy builds a bathhouse

The volume rocker, next turn off. and functional under the screen. Hard made, do not cause concern. Do not play, do not make noise.
1 Ampere And I will tell you perfectly! For such a huge battery should not be weaker.
Summing up:
I am very pleased with the purchase.
For the cost of six thousand, along with a 16Gb cardI got the phone perfectly assembled, with a modern filling, attracting envious glances and "let me see ... wow ... fast ... cool ... I want the same" Even the owners of iPhones nodded their heads and noted the build quality.
I think not to change it for the next 1-2 years. The fact that the phone will last no doubt, one metal frame around the perimeter inspires confidence. The assembly is very high quality. My opinion is that China has made a good step towards quality.
I order from China for more than 2 years. I will make reviews of other products.
Dual-core processor 1GHz will enjoy all kinds of games for two years without any complaints.
I was cheaper because I bought it up to a mad rush.
Talk to the seller, can will make a discount.
Here is my beloved Sunny, from whom I bought this unit.
id cn200045206, with reference to me, promised to give a discount.
There as you agree.
I have several friends already caught fire apparatus, and they will buy it for the price I bought.
In general, I always talk with the seller before buying, so comes a rough understanding of the seriousness of the seller. And if the seller is inadequate, cancel the purchase!
I never chase 5-10 bucks cheaper and always buy from a seller with a rating higher than 95-96!
This is a guarantee of pleasure from shopping in China.
Have a nice shopping in China!
At the request of the discussion put the program (game), take a photo, video