Legs for macbook A1425 A1502 A1398

Four non-original legs for the bottom half of the notebook.
Original right.

Original legs are less flexible. On gifs under the spoiler, I tried to convey the difference. Original on the second gif.
Additional Information

New legs, unlike the original, stood at the same level as the body. The photos under the spoiler can see it.

Additional Information

Another couple of photos.
Additional Information

The legs are made of tactilely pleasing materialhaving a smell, on the product page it is written that it is rubber. It serves its purpose better than the worn original. When installing the adhesive base, I warmed it up with a cigarette lighter for about five seconds, and the adhesive properties improved. The glued new leg looks reliably, it was not possible to unstick it with a small effort using a fingernail.