Review of the long-awaited news JIAYU-G3

In this review, I will try to tell in detail about the sensational and long-awaited new product JIAYU G3.
The order was made 10/21/12
Posted on 10/30/2012
Received 11/21/2012
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Main technical characteristics:

Packing - the box is wrapped with a pimple tape, as a result, a slightly crumpled box, a gift (sales) look is a bit spoiled, but the insides are not damaged.
Inside the box are such items, each of which is packed in an antistatic bag:
- Charger with USB connector
- MicroUSB cable for charging and connecting to computer
- Battery 2750mAh
-Stereo headset
-Protective film on the screen
-Also a cover and an adapter for our sockets.

Headset, battery, charger, USB cable, documentation

Plastic case

Phone in hand
It is pleasant to hold the phone in my hands, a little bit bigger after the Samsung witu, but I think this is a matter of habit.

The device is made of plastic with two inserts of metal.
Below the display are three touch buttons:
Options, Home, Return. Above the screen there are: a front camera eye, a proximity-lighting sensor and a signal LED.

The alarm LED is red when charging and blinks green when you have unread SMS or missed call.
The back cover rests on a set of latches, it can be easily removed, there are no backlashes. On it you can see the speaker grille, camera and LED backlight.

On the right side of the case there are volume keys.

On the left side of the case there are no connectors and buttons.

At the top there is a connector for connecting a 3.5 mm headset and an on / off / unlock button.

At the bottom there is a microUSB connector and a microphone hole.

Phone with the back cover removed:

Connectors for SIM cards are located on the right side, microsd connector is left, hot swapping is not provided - the cards rest against the battery case.

Turn on the phone
Before the desktop, starts in 30 seconds. The usual standard Android 4.0 shell appears. The interface works quickly and responsively.
The screen is juicy, has deep colors, brightness is more than enough, behaves well when exposed to sunlight.
Viewing angles are quite wide. The colors are not inverted, when turning at a large angle, the brightness drops, but the color scheme remains at an acceptable level. The screen is good!
Viewing angles

In the bright sun the screen behaves well, not perfect, but everything is visible.
I cannot give a photo yet ...
Overview of the software part of the device:
System Information

Antutu test

System Information in Antutu

Antutu tester

Photo quality
Photo resolution 3264x2448

And a small panorama,

Appearance of SMS and dialers

Microphone and speaker quality
Checking the phone for the quality of the conversation the following was noticed:
I hear the caller well, volume, claritywords, everything is fine no extraneous noise was observed, in contrast to the microphone, it has low sensitivity, the sound is quiet, because of which the caller does not hear you well, but this problem is solved just like on Jiayu G2.

Volume and external speaker quality
The sound is not bad at all, the quality is pleased,no wheezing and cracks were observed at maximum volume, the sound is quite clear. Some high, middle and low frequencies, everything in moderation. His volume is not the biggest, but it is enough to hear a call from the next room and even listen to music.
Working hours
Working time is very affected by workload, playing games without a break is enough for about 4 hours.
If you just use the functions of the phone for a couple of days, the battery eats well, the power consumption is high, for the capacity of such a battery. Charging for a long time!
Other features
1. wifi is stable
2. gps from a cold start found in a minute, about 10-12 satellites
3. The camera is rather weak, I expected more (although it will do for such a price)
4. The choice of sim card for the Internet, both work in standby mode, if they call one at a time the second is not available
Pros and cons of the device
+ good screen, IPS, gorilla glass (not checked yet)
+ small weight of the phone for its size, how much it weighs I can not say
+ Russian language
+ play market
+ capacious battery
+ appearance
+ price
- big energy consumption
- long charge
- the second battery would be the way
It’s worth taking, considering its functionality, the device fully justifies its cost. I recommend to buy.
As I plan, I plan to continue reviewing this model.
Thanks for attention!
And also thanks to djkrava, the review was done according to his example.