Review of men's leather shoulder bag

I am delighted with this acquisition. Leather is or not leather, I have not figured it out, but judging by the price, this is most likely leather dressing. In our city about this will cost at least 3,000 rubles.
This model has three sizes and three skin colors. Only 7 divisions, 2 of them with a zipper.

Width: 32 cm
Height: 25 cm
Thickness: 6 cm
The quality of the bag is high. Quality 5+ points
The seller shocked me with his courtesy. Sent three letters. When sent, when the parcel is tracked on my mail. Packed well. Seller 5+ points
I have recently ordered Singapore Post (14 - 16 days), but I had to send ChinaPost. Delivery was 22 days. Delivery 4 points
Sorry for the quality of the pictures. Fotkayu on the phone, fotik no more (

My 11 inch no beech goes in there perfectly.
Latch on the magnet.
One more photo

The store has a large selection of men's bags and good prices.