Board game review Extreme dive (Deep sea).

Today I want to tell you about another game I received from China.
For a start, I will use the description of the game from the site
A group of poor divers wants to get rich quick,extracting treasures from the bottom of the sea. The plight of their financial situation forces them to rent one submarine for all, the tank with oxygen on which is also one. So, plunging into the depths of the sea, you need to have time to get back on board, otherwise there may not be enough air spent by all divers from the common pool.

The game continues with three rounds of swim, for whichyou need to get as much as possible expensive treasures. The most valuable are as deep as possible, but greed can be costly for the mountain-diver, because the more you lift the load, the faster the supply of air ends. And if you consider that your opponents spend it with you from one tank, then you can say for sure that they will try to “breathe out” it as quickly as possible, as soon as they see you with a bunch of treasures on the approaches to the boat.
The box with the game came without any damage.
Dimensions of the box: 70 * 115 * 40 mm.

The game includes:
The rules of the game in 4 languages ​​(there is no Russian language);
The game field in the form of a submarine;
Oxygen marker;
6 treasure hunt chips;
2 dice (with sides 1,2,3- two times each);
32 treasure tokens;
16 empty tokens.

Explain the process of the game better than what is written in the rules, I can not. Just put the rules:

The game is very attracted by the simplicity of the rules, roundsare obtained not tightened (about 3-4 minutes per round). I did not manage to come up with any comments on the production of the game. The cardboard is dense, 2 mm thick. The print is perfect, the colors are bright. All parts are cut down neatly, divers painted evenly.

In offline stores you can find a game for 750rubles. Considering the cost, I consider this game mandatory for all board game fans to buy, and let everyone decide for himself where to buy it. With the pros and cons of online shopping, all readers of this site are familiar.
Below will summarize my order 4 games with aliexpress:

If you find errors in the table, I will definitely correct them.
Thank you for reading the review.