Overview of the updated version of the excellent smartphone from the Middle Kingdom

Finally, a miracle happened and I gotThe long-awaited "small package" from the Middle Kingdom. I present a review of the acclaimed novelty of the Chinese phone industry: JIAYU G2 on a dual-core processor and with 1GB of RAM. Interesting? Under the cut continuation of the story ...
Brief background: I finally decided to buy a Chinese smart - my last Chinese was wg6 (a copy of x6), then I finally became disillusioned with the Chinese because of the microphone and weak batteries. But as time went on, Lenovo devices with vaunted batteries flashed and I began to look closely. It was already going to take the Lenovo A750, but then massively began to introduce mtk6577 and I decided to wait a month. And the truth is that literally in a month, Lenovo A789 started selling with might and main, but I really wanted 1 GB of RAM (although it may not be a necessity, but ... it warms the soul) and a better screen. And here it is ... the updated JIAYU G2, and even the battery, users praise, and yes even the IPS screen. I decided! Suddenly I learned that this unit appeared on Terry on Ali (4pd readers will understand who I am ) and quickly placed an order. The drains were partial, there were a lot of orders, then the info about the phone from 10/10/12 came with the Gorilla Glass screen and the tedious days of waiting began. Prod sent by mail to Singapore, but the goods wandered 43 days, moreover, 30 days from import to receipt. Eh Russian post!

So the phone - in short characteristics from sold:
Model Jiayu G2 (MTK6575 with single core)
Jiayu G2 (MTK6577 with dual core)
Phone Standard: GSM / WCDMA
Network Bands: GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHZ WCDMA2100MHz
Operating System: Android OS 4.0
Built-in Memory: 4GB ROM + 1GB RAM or 512MB Ram
Memory Slot Type: supports Micro SD / T-Flash memory card & expandable up to 32GB (Micro SD / T-Flash memory card NOT included)
SIM Card & Standby: Dual sim card standby
LCD Screen: 4.0 inch Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen, WVGA, 480x800Pixels, 16000K Colors
Camera (s): Back camera: 8.0MP for mtk6575 and mtk6577 1G G2 5.0MP for mtk6577 512m G2 Front Camera: Up to 0.3 megapixel
FM Radio: Yes
GPS: Yes
A-GPS: Yes
G-sensor: Yes
Languages ​​(s): English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Maleyu.
Audio player: MP3 / WAV / AMR / AWB
Video player: 3GP / MP4, support to play in full screen, forward and pause
Sound Recorder: Yes
Video Recorder: Yes
Image Viewer: Yes
Picture Format: JPEG / BMP / GIF
Ring Tone: Support MP3 ring tone; 64 chord music ringtone;
Ebook: Yes, Support
Tools: E-book reader, Unit Converter, World clock, Gravity Sensor, Map, Email ...
Data Transfer & Connectivity:
3G Yes
Short Message: supports SMS, MMS
Bluetooth: Support Bluetooth 2.0
Email: Yes
Wap: Yes
Grade is quite rich: phone, two batteries, film on the screen, case-bumper, charging, cable, adapter, 8 GB memory card and all this is packed by the manufacturer in a durable plastic container and dressed in a paper case.

So, in order
1) Appearance
The phone is very well made, at leastin no way inferior to the telephones presented in local communication shops - everything is clearly knocked down, does not crunch, does not play, does not hang out. The case is rather laconic and moderately thin - it lies well in the hand and is pleasant to use.
Before: 4-inch screen, at the top of the hole for the ear speaker, a camera of 0.3 mr, a light sensor, an indicator, at the bottom - a central mechanical button and on the sides of it two sensory.
The screen is claimed by Gorilla Glass and the seller on itsTo the page I wrote how to check it - not including the device, at a certain angle the points are visible in the form of a grid. There are these points, but here they take doubts that Gorilla is here. At least there is no desire to scratch with a needle.

Back: 8 mr camera, flash, speaker slot, the logo Jiayu
Left side: volume rocker
Right side: nothing
Upper: 3.5 mm headphone jack and on / off button
Bottom: Micro USB connector and microphone hole
2) Tests, characteristics
Officially there are two versions of the phone (both work fine with 3G) -
G2H - 1024Mb RAM
G2L - 512Mb RAM
And there are two more unofficial semi-arc "stumps" with castrated 3G - they have a MTK6517 processor, although all tests suggest that it is MTK6577 (like MTK6573 and MTK6513, MTK6575 and MTK6515).
Unfortunately, these versions of 3G in Russia will not work!

The forums have information about how to verify the authenticity of the device, namely the processor:
see what is written in build.prop in paragraph ro.board.platform and ro.build.flavor - if MT17 you have 6517 and no 3G, if MT77 you have 6577 and there is 3G.
In my case, all without miracles:

As the phone flew towards me, I followedBy discussing this device on the forums and upon arrival, I stitched the body with firmware from savyol All in one v. 2. I express my great gratitude to the author for this work. The firmware is clean, without Chinese, I'm happy.
In Antutu, the device gives out 5373 points (and in version v.3.0.3 - 6688 parrots).

Multitouch 5 touches

3) Camera
I am not a photoman and unpretentious to the camera, respectively, I liked the camera - it shoots clearly. Here are a couple of pictures without any settings for the maximum 8 megapixels.

The video also shot - pretty bearable.
4) Sound characteristics
Here is a fly in the ointment, I would even saytwo spoons ... First, I was a little upset that the speaker is not very loud. No, you can hear it, but I would like to be louder - maybe I didn’t adjust it, but the volume in all profiles is at the maximum. Maybe it certainly seems so to me, but the fact is a fact. Not deadly - you can put up with it. Although when watching movies there is no inconvenience and there is enough volume margin.
Secondly, as many probably already guessed -this is a microphone. At first, everyone said that they heard me perfectly, but then they started talking about the sound as if from a “barrel,” sometimes it hisses, everything rustles. Tweaked the values ​​as advised in the forums - subscribers say it became good. We will live and see: however, I will not be able to put up with this shortcoming if it manifests itself in the future.
Everything is normal in the headphones and the volume is enough.
5) Battery life
Here I want to elaborate more. In general, I am satisfied. Batteries rather weighty (41 grams). On the complete lasted about 2 days with moderate use. Then I charged the bonus battery with a charger, which Jiayu put as a gift for charging outside the device. Charged with a charger purchased specifically for the phone at 1A (I'll show it in the video review). When the first battery was discharged, put in the second one and it was already the third day.
Probably more than normal. Here is the schedule

I did some energy saving and I want to ask for advice and help on some issues, because Android is not my native and I don’t know much. Questions may be stupid, but as it is:
1. Installed the Advanced Task Manager prog. In the settings I ticked off “automatically kill selected tasks when the screen goes out”. And where are these selected tasks to choose? And how? Confused in general - if someone chews - I will be grateful. In general, I wanted to make it so that when you lock and turn off the screen, all unnecessary applications are closed and not hung.
2 How to prevent applications to "climb" to the Internet via mobile communication, and allow via Wi-Fi? It seems to have done, but the balance gradually goes away. Maybe he did not tune up. I would also listen to advice on this topic.
3 And according to the processor frequency - I set SetCPU, I did not understand it - I deleted it. Put the CPU Master, set the maximum and minimum frequencies. After some time I went again - again the maximum is 1001, although it bet less. Why is that? Maybe unfinished something. I would also like to know how and what to do.
Well, in the end I will add the pros and cons of the device:
+ Powerful stuffing
+ Excellent display
+ Laconic design, nothing extra
+ A fairly capacious battery for such a device.
+ Good camera
+ Support for Russian-speaking brethren - make firmware, patches, improve, optimize
+ Price
- I don `t even know what to write here ... Sound? Again, this is my opinion and for the movie it is more than enough.
In general, the company Jiayu released decentThe device, which with its price and characteristics will lose its nose to anyone. With other things being equal, I recommend choosing this model and rejoice in the operation.
Later add video review!
Kote, sorry, no!