Oukitel K8 review - six inches FHD +, face recognition and MT6750T with 4 / 64GB.

Continuing the theme with the names of smartphones, todayYou can pay attention to Oukitel K8. This is a relatively new model of the company, which went on sale in late summer. And, according to the laws of the genre, the smartphone had to have an 8k mAh battery. But no matter how - it can only boast of 5000 mAh. Apparently, the time has passed when the smartphones of this company could be identified by their name. What happened, I don’t know, but the device itself has a place to be. In appearance, K8 has nothing remarkable, but as we all understand very well: it is not enough to have something original without having a stable basis at our disposal. In the same way, a smartphone without features, but with a successful “one and all” - will stand out. What is the new model capable of?

Table of Contents:
- Specifications
- Box and equipment
- Appearance
- The convenience of use
- Display
- First start, OS
- Benchmarks and other tests (Wi-Fi, GPS, communication, etc.)
- Camera
- Battery
- Findings
Main technical characteristics of the Oukitel K8:
- 6-inch display with a resolution of 2160x1080 pixels (18: 9);
- an eight core processor MediaTek MT6750T with a frequency of 1.5 GHz;
- Mali-T860 MP2 graphics accelerator;
- 4 GB of RAM;
- Built-in 64 GB drive;
- support for microSD memory cards up to 256 GB;
- Dual main camera with 13 and 2 megapixel modules;
- 5 megapixel front camera;
- 5000 mAh battery with support for fast charging 5V / 2A;
- fingerprint scanner + face recognition function;
- two slots for SIM-cards;
- support 4G LTE;
- Android 8.0 Oreo;
- Dimensions: 76.4x160x10.5mm.
- weight: 238g.
- Box and equipment.
What remains unchanged is the Oukitel product box. Each smartphone, if not from the budget segment itself (which, by the way, the company hasn’t touched lately), is delivered in a simple white box made of thick cardboard. The box perfectly maintains any load placed on it within the mail and the maximum always comes, so it is with crumpled edges.
Everything would be so good, there was nothing in stabilitynot bad, if it did not concern the sticker with the characteristics on the back side. It is completely useless and gives almost no idea what is inside.
The package bundle is somewhat simplified compared to other Oukitel smartphones:
- smartphone
- Silicone Case
- Charger
- USB cable
- clip for SIM / microSD tray
- documentation
As you can see, there is no OTG adapter, althoughhe was often positioned as a “gift” and placed in a box in a place separately prepared for him (which, of course, gives reason to doubt the word “gift”). Nevertheless, there is no place for him. Maybe they ended?
The silicone case is already installed on the smartphone and notrepresents nothing of interest. Even there are no slots for the buttons, but they are pressed more or less distinctly. The maximum for which this miracle will fit is the most urgent case when the smartphone will somehow be exposed to some dangers. To rest, for example. Casual wear K8 in the case is unlikely to succeed. At least, there will be little pleasant.
The charger with the already familiar, fast charge technology “Mediatek PUMP Express”. Memory model "myACT APS-S10050200W-G", characteristics: 5V, 2A.
Despite 2018, the smartphone still uses a microUSB connector. There is nothing bad in this, but the fact that the Chinese have not pursued a useful tendency is somewhat frustrating.
Instructions almost complete copy of instructions fromother smartphones of the company: there is an option in Russian, but it is translated by none other than Google translator. But, to compare the package bundle and look at the real characteristics of the device, it is still possible, and there is no need for another one from the instructions for the smartphone.
On this with all the equipment.
- Appearance.

Oukitel K8 looks quite modern. This contributes to the rounded ends; the screen occupying the big useful area; On-screen buttons and 2.5D glass. The absence of any logo on the front of the majority is only a plus, and in the modern world they almost do not care about the pedigree of their device.
So it turns out that the K8, though not distinguished by its design delights smartphone, but pleasant-looking. Its front panel perfectly reflects the rays of the sun:
It is endowed with a front camera, severalsensors, LED indicator and a speaker. Also, as you can see, a protective film is pasted on the screen out of the box. Fortunately, in size and quality. Using a smartphone does not interfere, but fans of "complete immersion" immediately remove it.
The model exists in only one color, and thisa little weird. Given the design, one would assume at least the back covers in different colors. The back cover is made of plastic, and the frame of the smartphone is typically aluminum. There are no uneven joints, and the frame edging is ground.
It is worth making a reservation - the back cover is fixed, although it looks like it. Another strange decision when this could be done is a worthy plus of the model.
At the back is the company logo, dual camera with dual flash and dual fingerprint scanner. Cameras act on a fraction of millimeters, and even then - just a steel frame.
Walk on our friends - faces.
The top is endowed with a plastic insert and a 3.5mm jack. Already a victory!
The bottom has two plastic inserts,symmetrical holes for the speaker (mono) and microphone (one), and a deep-seated microUSB connector. Supporting the theme with symmetry, having a Type-C would be a nice addition, but you have to be content with what we have.
The right side of the swing volume control and a little backlash lock button.
The left one has another plastic insert (what did she forget here?) And a tray for 2xSIM / 1xSIM + 1xMicroSD. Another misuse of usable space according to Oukitel.
The tray, by the way, is also planted quite deeply. If you pull it out is not a problem, then with the installation you need to be careful not to drop the card inside the case, where they can get stuck.
In order not to increase the volume of the review, additional photos under the spoiler:
Detailed photos

- The convenience of use.
Oukitel has a considerable size, even for6 "smartphone. Although there are representatives and much worse in this regard. The dimensions of the smartphone are 76.4x160x10.5mm, the weight is 238 grams. Due to its size, to call the smartphone the most convenient will not work, but its ergonomics is good. The ends are so rounded , so that the smartphone and did not slip out of the hands, and did not dig into it.
In comparison with the iPhone 6S (4.7 "), it looks like this:
- Display.
In the smartphone, as mentioned above, installedsix-inch AUO production matrix by OLED technology. There is no air gap. Its resolution is 2160x1080 (FHD +), which corresponds to a widescreen aspect ratio - 18: 9. The corners of the screen are rounded, and the on-screen navigation buttons.

Oukitel K8 not bad beats the current fashion andthe unusual (not for all) elongation here is felt differently than in the company's past smartphones. There, the Chinese, it seems, just did everything according to a pattern, setting the matrix to 18: 9, which is why the devices went out completely ridiculous. Immediately, even the frames above and below are proportional.
The display behavior on the street is satisfactory. Maximum brightness in full is enough to disassemble all the displayed text on a sunny day.
The viewing angles were also pleasantly surprised, since there is no strong black inversion here.
It seems that the K8 uses a really good quality matrix. At least, it has little to lose the display 6S, and this should already say that the Chinese have tried.
Moreover, even a multitouch for 10 touches, instead of non-standard five:
Additional photos

- First start, OS.
Out of the box, the smartphone goes to Android 8.0 Oreo. Already it is strange that not on 8.1, which was another recent smartphone company - K7. Nevertheless, there are no significant differences between the versions and therefore this is not so fundamental. Android can be called clean, except for the affected menu of applications, which the Chinese have a completely transparent background. Fortunately, this time the curtain notifications did not touch and it looks good.
There is even a google news feed on the left side of the screen (left desktop).
The list of pre-installed applications is not bad,There are no third-party, except for the application for OTA updates. At the time of publication of the review, the latest available firmware version with a security patch dated May 5, 2018 is installed on the smartphone. It's funny, but true: in the settings, the manufacturer, as usual, indicated some technical characteristics of the smartphone, but did not check how they are displayed.
From the notable menu items settings you can selectsmall setting of the ice-indicator and navigation buttons. Once again, I will complain that being able to drag them to their places would be much more valuable than the two pre-installed options. Out of the box, the user has about 56GB of internal memory.
Next - unlock on face recognition. This function is no longer a novelty even for the company's smartphones, but in the past nothing worked enough to talk about it. Now the situation is completely different. First, the face setting itself is translated into Russian and understandable. At the end of the explanations, the screen with the front camera window will turn on, in which you will need to watch for about 15 seconds. At this time, the filling of a special scale is displayed, like a fingerprint setting in several stages.
Naturally, it is recommended to do this withoutextra hats and other things. As a result, an icon appears on the lock screen informing you that the feature is on. How it works: as soon as you press the lock button, that is, turn on the screen, the owner of the phone checks the front-facing camera and unlocks it. With good luck. On the Oukitel K8, this figure is 8/10, which for such a function (and considering that it was implemented only with the help of a camera) is an excellent result. This allows you to use it on an ongoing basis. Typically, the recognition process is so fast that you do not have time to see who came the notification - it even interfered several times.
What is night? And at night, the white screen automatically turns on, with which the number of successful unlocks, although it drops, but still remains at a satisfactory level.
In general, unlocking in the face is there and even works. This is a nice addition considering the fact that the bundle was not without a fingerprint scanner. (on the right-hand screenshot, the multitasking window is shown)
As for the system itself. The smartphone works quickly and smoothly, as befits a device with one of the latest OS versions and 4GB of RAM on board. Google Play did not crash, and all applications open moderately quickly and without brakes. Of course, friezes are sometimes noticeable, but they are rare. The biggest problem of a smartphone is rather that it does not know how to keep previously running applications in memory for too long, but this already concerns optimization not only of Oukitel, but of the OS.
- Benchmarks and other tests (Wi-Fi, GPS, communications, etc.).
Oukitel K8 gave the most standard and manyhated, as far as I could see, stuffing: MT6750T in conjunction with the Mali-T860 MP2. 64-bit processor, eight cores up to 1.5GHz. It complements all those same 4GB of RAM that already goes without saying in this price range.
I can not say that the power of the smartphone eitherwhat is missing is rather the opposite. But the processor in the everyday life of the Chinese has been too long, with the availability of Qualcomm solutions. It is strange that they do not try anything new, especially when Snapdragon processors are much better at least in terms of communication, and especially GPS.
But what is, that is, in Antutu today's copy is gaining a little more than 43k points. By the way, it is written that its average result is ~ 55k, and this is a little inconsistent with reality.
Characteristics of the smartphone according to the benchmark:(the last two screenshots indicate the available sensors)
Antutu Stress Test:
Geekbench 4:
3D Mark:
PC Mark:
GFX Bench:
Characteristics shown by AIDA64:
Now for more specialized tests and benchmarks.
Wi-Fi supports 5GHz and works without a hint of problems. He catches through one wall and several meters perfectly, and never “falls off”.
As usual, GPS was a concern, but this timelucky. Well already catches from the apartment, even connects in just a few seconds. As a result, in half a minute more than 10 satellites are in sight. On the street, the situation is only better (these are the last two screenshots):
Heating the smartphone. I would not have included this in the review if it were not so strong. During the active work, that is, during the benchmarking, the Oukitel K8 warmed up to 37-40 degrees throughout the body. Not to say that this is a transcendental value, but it feels enough in the hands to give it meaning. Also, the smartphone heats up while charging.
As for mobile communication, then everything isStandard - and the interlocutor can hear you, and you him. But restrictions are imposed in windy weather, when only one existing microphone does not cope with its task.
- Camera.The smartphone has two rear modules and one front. There is no detailed information about them, but I suspect that Sony and Omnivision matrices are being used. Of course, it is immediately worth noting that one of the two rear modules is fake, and the declared 13MP is actually an interpolation with 8MP.
The camera interface is far from perfect, the settings are quite inconvenient. But, the blessing the producer at last has entered normal definitions to qualities of video: now it is clear, where it is the best.
In addition, there are manual settings, where you can adjust only the ISO, white balance and exposure. Manual focus and exposure, unfortunately, no.
Surprisingly, but the quality of the photos is muchbetter than what could be seen in all past smartphones from the company. Already there is no such obvious and completely unnecessary reharp, and the settings are selected more suitable. Although, the camera is still far from a good level, but at least now it can be compared with other smartphones in this price range.

Even HDR normally copes with its task.
But the camera is strongly drawn to warm shades, which is especially clearly seen in the video examples:

Meta video file data:
Download the originals of all photos and videos by the link: Ya disk
- Battery.
The smartphone has a 5000mAh battery, which isIn 2018, although it still looks good, it is not surprising at all. But the manufacturer does not declare that K8 is a long-liver and therefore even initially it is not worth expecting anything from it.
In the standard test standby Oukitel K8showed excellent performance: for ~ 9 hours of inactivity with Wi-Fi on and active network, the smartphone lost only 2 percent. And this is taking into account that the charge did not fall from 100%, which can often linger much longer than the others.
The PC Mark benchmark counted just over eight hours of the on-screen display, from 100% to 20%.
And for some reason, Geekbench 4 did not displaytime reached Only in the detailed view you can watch a big jump from 9 to 5% and then turn off the smartphone at 9 o'clock and 33 minutes of the screen. For an ordinary smartphone, the result is more than decent, but the failure of a charge does not promise anything good and you need to be careful with this.
In general, the smartphone lasts for two or three days of full use.
Charging time is approximately 2.5 hours and it really is a lot. The thing is, for the first hour, the K8 charges just as much, for how much it charges, and for the rest. No "1 hour = 50%" is not organized here.
- Conclusion.
- Pleasant appearance
- High-quality display
- Presence 3.5mm, LED indicator
- Working face recognition
- Trouble-free Wi-Fi and GPS
- Working hours
- Fake second camera module
- System with 2xSIM / 1xSIM, 1xMicroSD
- Charge failure from 10% to 0%
- Price
Oukitel K8 - came out pretty good smartphone. There are no technological breakthroughs, apart from working facial recognition, although they are not there, but the Chinese even raised a couple of things from their knees. In particular, the quality of the display, images from the main camera. Previously, these items were on the verge of adding them to the minuses (sometimes it happened), and then, compared to other models, they are already recorded in the pluses. This is clearly a step in the right direction.
But not without these disadvantages. The second module of the main camera was fake a year ago, and so it remained. I do not find any positive aspects of this decision and sincerely do not understand why the Chinese continue to make such an outrage. The problem with the failure of the charge also has a place to be. Fortunately, the very time of the smartphone at a good level.
All that remains to be added is the fact that for the complete set there is just a lack of impressive stuffing. To justify its price.
Thank you all for your attention and have a nice day!