A review of the tablet through the eyes of a person who does not need it. Ainol Hero 10.

There is nothing tedious in the world,
How to write a review of the Chinese tablet.
Those who stand are not afraid of anxiety
Us any roads reproaches.
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I never thought that I would be able to force myselfwrite a tablet review. With a good review of such devices, my eyes usually stick together already on the 30th photo and the second ten of tests, if it is bad, from the second sentence, a yawn appears. In general, I do not have the patience, nor the necessary perseverance and diligence to explore all the peculiarities and features of tablets with the help of software and self-damaging methods. Yes, and iron has long passed, and in return came the realization of their real needs - that's why the file server with the Sempron 2800 on board and a five-year laptop based on the Celeron DC T1600 has been standing at home for almost a decade (although there is a rare desire to change, due to the increased the complexity of the Simulink-models of MathLab), and the android-smartphone I tried to stick (donate) for two days in a row under my cries: "This is sho, I now also have to tune the phone and deal with the new OS to call? !!". The estimated needs were as follows: surfing the Internet and watching photos and movies at night in bed. Yes, and I just wanted to touch a new (and the first ten-inch for me) tablet from Ainol, and here, just at the right time, I turned up a cyber-Monday and a $ 30 coupon. As a result, the tablet was purchased for 187-30 = $ 157 (snapshot) c delivery by Singapore Post. Agree, a good price.

The hero got to me in two weeks. Before going to the post office, I rushed to the junkie in order to learn in advance about all the dirty tricks that the novelty conceals in itself, and, with surprise, did not find a single review on the subject of my aspirations. Therefore, I have the audacity to review in the context of their needs.
I promise not to dazzle you with large and brightwith multi-colored inscriptions, overload with the number of “borrowed” foreign professional and your own poor-quality photos of the tablet, use the words LONGERDED, INCREDIBLE, AMAZING, MAGNIFICENT (and other disgusting-pathetic words) and use other advertising “lovers”. Just describe my impressions.
Packaging: the usual cardboard box filled with pills and pimples, as well as covered with mailing aunts - but, nevertheless, the contents are intact and, practically, in nepomyatosti. Even I will not show.
Content: two boxes, in one charge, in the other directly tablet.

And that's all the rest - OTG-cable, headphones, campaign materials.

I was pleased with the branded box - now a porous material such as foam rubber is glued to the top cover from the inside, it will be more difficult to damage the screen by mail.

Not one Chinese tablet has been in my hands,from the nameless Q88, the popular Ainol Elf, and to the previous flagship of the Ainol line - the Aurora 2 model. Ainol is probably the most famous brand of Chinese tablet manufacturing. And not without reason, all his models were distinguished by high factory quality and good support. But for the first time I had such a feeling of integrity, style, corporate identity and completeness. It is difficult to single out what it is connected with. Perhaps this is due to the pleasant weight and reliability of the metal case, the cold of the glass cover of the screen, the consistency and inconspicuous beauty of the design of the back of the case, but the overall impression is a completely “non-Chinese” product, there is no involuntary feeling of cheapness.
(Photo taken in bright sunlight from the window)

Although there are drawbacks - I rememberedobligatory in such reviews "does not creak, does not play, the shading is not noticed" - and quickly organized the tension of twisting at opposite corners. It creaks a little, which is not surprising at such a thickness (9.5 mm) and diagonal, but about burrs and burrs, it's true, there are no :).
The physical buttons on the tablet 3 are on (it is off.), ± volume (aka volume swing), Home button. Knowledgeable people claim that there is also a hidden “Reset” button - in the microphone hole, there was no need, I did not check it.

Connectors and holes Interfaces:
Standard: 3.5 mm headphone jack, micro USB OTG Host, mini HDMI port, microSD card slot, microphone hole (Reset), charging connector.

It was in a separate branded box inThe package contained a proprietary memory of 12 volts, 2 amps and an adapter for the domestic standard plug connectors. A ferrite ring is present on the power cord to reduce noise. When charging the tablet, no inadequate behavior of the wheelbarrow and other anomalous phenomena were noticed. To be fair, it should be noted that there is probably potential on the back cover, there is a certain roughness with your fingers, I recommend charging from an outlet with a protective conductor (PE, third auxiliary contact, TN-S system) - the recommendation is canceled, there is no memory on it the third contact (pulled out of the outlet and, finally, dawned on

One of the main features of the tablet, based onIPS-matrices, resolution 1280x800 pixels - if you are not a furniture maker and not a jeweler and are not used to “catching” fractions of millimeters with your eyes, you have minimal chances to see a single luminous point (despite the large diagonal). This is my first tablet with a diagonal different from 7 ". The impression is that you hold a small TV in your hands, a lot of things fit on the screen, you have to use scaling much less often, it is more convenient to read from such a screen. But there are some drawbacks compared to the 7 ”diagonal - less reliability of the grip and you can’t reach it with a finger everywhere, so I can recommend it for home use, it can fall out of hand in transport.
Viewing angles are good, with a strong inclination of the tabletbrightness is lost, but colors are not inverted. At home, the tablet is comfortable to use and at half brightness, it fades in the sun, but at maximum brightness you can see something.

The second main feature of the tablet - declared8000 mAh high capacity battery. The manufacturer claims the duration of work up to 15 hours when listening to music on headphones and up to 7 hours when watching a video. He worked for me in the mixed mode for almost 7 hours, about half of them in the waking mode and testing at the maximum brightness of the screen, the battery was discharged from 100 to 62%. There is no reason not to believe the manufacturer, and if there is no charge jump, the tablet should work for 9-10 hours in this mode.

Added. While writing a review, "finished off" the battery charge. The last 4.5 hours the tablet scrolled through photos and videos in a slideshow mode, the screen brightness is all at maximum, bluetooth is on. The total standby time did not exceed 4 hours. The brief “generation” peaks on the graph correspond to the tablet downtime. Residual charge - 4%. Before shutdown did not discharge.

Declared 0.3 MP front, 2.0 MP rear. As for me, all the cameras in the tablets are sad. In Skype you can see - yes, all right. I would not like to photograph and upload photos, until now the Americans in the Church of the Resurrection of Christ (Jerusalem) and other public places in Israel are “standing” in front of insane, ridiculous and persistently mass attempts to photograph everything on their iDosks. Do not be like.
But this moment can please fansWatch movies and play other sound effects from the tablet. The sound is loud, coming from TWO speakers (yes, the second slotted hole on the back of the tablet is also functional, not decorative), you could hear the stereo while playing music, although its feasibility when positioning the speakers at a relatively short distance and also with reverse hand looks dubious.
Another problematic place for many tablets. Let's evaluate his work indirectly: my laptop catches a neighboring open (!) Network at a distance of 15 m through the landing and five walls, the reception level is two sticks, two out of five divisions. The tablet did not catch the network. When you turn on the smartphone in the Wi-Fi router mode, the tablet at a distance of 8 meters and 2 walls showed the signal level in three divisions out of four possible. Such sensitivity quite suits me.
I encountered this function in tablets for the first time, so it was especially interesting to me.
The tablet without problems connected to the laptop, inwhich was inserted into a penny Chinese Bluetooth USB-Dongle, and using the standard Windows 7 tools, the files were transferred and received from the laptop to the tablet. The transfer speed was about 3 MB / minute, which, I think, is due to cheapness and the old Dongla standard.

When connected to an Android smartphone, speedTransfer reached 8 MB / minute - a very convenient way to exchange small information with devices without wires and other unnecessary movements, as well as a great opportunity to connect GPS! I was surprised that the installation files for android with the apk extension were declined to accept (or transfer the laptop, not sure) - it was decided to pack in a zip-archive.
I remembered the Bluetooth headset “buried” in old things, but I could not test the connection, the battery apparently died.

Operating system:
The hero is immediately installed on the lastmoment version of Android - Google Android 4.1.1 (Jelly Bean). How does it differ from 4.0 (and from the previous ones) - I won't say, I'm not interested. Live wallpapers on the screen saver live an active and non-stop life, the interface is also briskly moving, I have no complaints and remarks. Given the popularity of Ainol tablets and excellent support, you can count on timely updates from both the manufacturer and enthusiasts.
Tests, games, movies and more:
This is the hardest section for me. You may notice that under my requirements outlined at the beginning almost any tablet will fit, and you will be right. But I can not afford to leave readers without such information at all - so I’ll bring the main tests and characteristics. Just do not ask to check out any game, I can not. And please do not consider this a manifestation of disrespect to readers. I haven’t played games for a long time (Pharaoh and Victoria have been tormented for two years without any attention on the laptop - I wanted to remember the youth, but it didn’t work out), I haven’t been watching films for a long time. There are no pre-installed games on the tablet, and the GPRS communication channel is very thin for downloading huge caches of modern games, the “hospitality” of the neighboring Wi-Fi did not want to be abused either, especially since it does not suspect its kindness.
According to my needs, the Chrome browser runsthe movable films in the formats mov and mp4 “fly”, the books are opened. I dare to suggest that everything written in relation to “eaten” content in numerous Ainol Aurora II reviews will be true for Ainol Hero, the platform is unified.
And now the tests and information.


More detailed specifications from the manufacturer's website:
Operating system google android 4.1.1 (jelly bean)
Processor / Count accelerator Amlogic 8726-M6, 1.5 GHz, Cortex-A9 dual core
GPU (graphics accelerator) Mali 400 MP2 - 2 cores
Processor Frequency (Mhz) 1500
Built-in memory (Gb) 16
Screen (inches, resolution) 10.1 inches
Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels
IPS Matrix
Multitouch on 10 points
Coating - glass (did not check, but I believe)
180 ° viewing angles
Web-сamera 0.3 MP front, 2.0 MP rear
Wireless communication WIFI 802.11 b / g / n, bluetooth 2.1
Interfaces 1 x Micro USB OTG Host
1 x MicroSD slot
1 x mini HDMI port
1 x 3.5mm headphone jack
G sensor Yes
3D accelerator Yes
OS Language Russian (multilingual).
Dimensions (mm.) 262 x 178 x 9,5mm
Aluminum housing
Battery (mAh) 8000
Weight (gr.) 672
Let's sum up:
-10 inches bright IPS-screen with a good resolution of 1280x800 at a convenient price;
- 8000 mAh battery;
-a nice body design, glass screen cover and metal back;
- two loud stereo speakers;
- availability of Bluetooth and the ability to connect all standard-supporting devices (phones, headsets, GPS, mice, keyboards, etc.);
-the presence of the latest operating system installed.
I have not identified. I hope for the following more scrupulous (or unlucky?) Researchers.
A common disadvantage of large-diagonal tablets is less convenience and reliability of retention, therefore I recommend using them at home.
Well, one more general conclusion: almost all modern tablets are already able to satisfy the wishes of undemanding non-gamble users. Having held this tablet, I realized that I was ready to pay not only for the “last hardware”, but also for quality, good support and satisfaction of aesthetic needs (design, tactile sensations). Of course, not as much as Apple is requesting (finance doesn’t allow brains for a marketing “divorce”), but for Ainol completely.
A few words about the title of the review and about thered tape on the screen: firstly, recently in the title they often began to indicate with whose eyes the subject of the review is considered (girls, women, blondes, blonde girls, non-blonde girls, non-girls, blind, lame, pupil of specials and t .d.), decided - and why should I not specify. Secondly, it turned out that I go to bed late and sleep at night rather than watch movies, the rest of the time I am mostly a producer of content spam, and not its consumer, so it’s more convenient to work on a laptop. On the road or bed, it's more convenient for me to browse the Internet and mail from a smartphone. Due to lack of demand, this tablet, like the previous ones, “leaves” to friends and relatives, so the film is no longer mine. And I once again satisfied my curiosity and shopaholism. I note that this time it will be harder to part - I really liked this copy.
Epilogue. I re-read, on the nth line my eyes began to stick together and a yawn appeared. Despite the initial desire, it came out a lot and boring, probably, this is the fate of all tablet reviews. In general, express your dissatisfaction with the review, throw everything that comes your way - I strongly approve and support, I agree with many things in advance. Itself in anticipation of a detailed and detailed technical review - you need to find out the hidden flaws :).
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