Onda V811 Tablet Review

Onda V811 is not the first 8-inch tablet inwhich is set IPS-matrix. Characteristics also can not be called top. It can be called a strong middling among 8-inch tablets with IPS-matrices.
What is interesting in this tablet? Let's take a closer look.

160 $? too expensive?

Specifications Model: Onda V811
CPU: Amlogic 8726-MX, 1.5GHz, Cortex-A9, 2 cores
GPU: Mali-400MP, 2 cores
Body Material: Metal
Screen: 8-inch, IPS, 1024x768, 4: 3 aspect ratio
GPS: no
WiFi: 802.11 b / g / n
Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
Packaging and Packaging The tablet is in a small box:

Description of characteristics:

Inside 2 compartments: for the tablet and for accessories.

The accessory kit is not rich: USB cable, charger, charger adapter and instruction in Chinese:

The tablet does not have a separate input for the charger.
A charger with 5V / 2000mAh specifications that connects via a USB cable. Pretty weighty, which indirectly can talk about its quality.

Supported charging through the USB port of the computer.
On the screen itself glued 2 films: one shipping, the second protective. The protective film is smooth, but it is not neatly glued and several dust particles have fallen under it.
Additionally, a leather case was ordered for $ 10 (this was the price for the case + additional protective film)

Light color looks expensive. The quality, as for the case made in China, was very pleased.
Behind the slots are located under the speakers and mount, with which the cover turns into a stand for the tablet:

Cuts under the interfaces on the sides:

Fastening of the folding part is carried out with the help of 2 magnets, which are sewn above and below.

But the magnets are weak, and the folding part does not hold very tightly and opens easily with proper movement. Perhaps it would be more logical to use the strap.
In the case of the tablet sits very tightly and does not hang out:

Appearance According to the manufacturer, the screen is made of glass (although it feels like plastic).

The back panel is made of metal. There is a black insert made of plastic, under which is a Wifi antenna.

On the left are the power button and headphone input:

On the right are: Reset button, microUSB, miniHDMI, microSD slot, microphone, Home button

The location of the buttons at first seems unusual. There are also no volume buttons (volume is adjustable in the system)
Thickness is 9.8mm

Weight: 434 grams

The weight of the tablet feels good in the hand, it does not seem light and at the same time does not seem heavy. There is a sense of some “solidity” of the device when held in hand:

KameraV Onda V811 only one front camera with a resolution of 0.3MP Located on the left side of the screen, slightly hinting that during a conversation you need to hold the tablet vertically.

Sample snapshot:

Sound2 speakers are located behind. And they are located in the same plane vertically. A strange decision, because The tablet is mainly used in a horizontal position.

The speaker is loud, the sound quality is average
Wifi Wifi signal is stable, but the range of work remains average, which is characteristic of all Chinese tablets.

Screen Screen Resolution 1024x768. The resolution is almost perfect for an 8-inch tablet, although due to the 4: 3 aspect ratio, there are black bands on top and bottom when watching movies.
The screen is very bright, juicy. 50% brightness is enough to work in a well-lit room.

Viewing angles:

Supported multitouch on 5 points:

Browsing PagesIn my opinion 8 inch screen- This is the ideal size for viewing web pages in the “sofa mode”. A 7-inch tablet is usually small, and a 9.7 inch tablet is too bulky to hold it in your hands all the time.

VideoAmlogic 8726-MX has hardware support for decoding Full HD video. The video is played smoothly, rewinding is fast.

If it appears on screen 4:3 is not very convenient to watch movies with an aspect ratio of 16: 9, then you can connect the tablet to a large TV using a mini HDMI HDMI cable, or using an adapter for an HDMI-HDMI cable.
Games From 3D games were launched Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne. Due to the 4: 3 aspect ratio, some games can be displayed with stripes above and below.

Editing documents and other features The 8-inch screen is well suited for editing various documents:

And reading e-books:

You can even draw a little bit:

SoftwareIn Onda V811 installed Android 4.0.3 in which a lot of Chinese programs.

Main screen:

List of applications:

PerformanceIn the Onda V811, the Amlogic 8726-MX chip is installed. This is a 2-core processor with a frequency of up to 1.5 GHz and a 2-core Mali 400MP video card.
Usually Amlogic 8726-MX can work in 3modes "Performance", "Normal", "Power saving". In Onda V811, there are only 2 modes “Normal”, “Power saving”. Normal mode corresponds to maximum performance.
This is my second tablet after Ainol Fire, whichdoes not want to save the settings of the selected mode. In any case, the setting is reset to Normal. If someone tells me what I'm doing wrong, I will be very grateful.
The results in Antutu are quite impressive - more than 9,800 points.



Nenamark 2

According to the results of synthetic tests, it can be concluded that the firmware is balanced and well reveals the potential of the Amlogic 8726-MX platform.
FirmwareLast firmware at the time of writing a review - v1.5. Always the most current firmware versions in topic On w3bsit3-dns.com.
The tablet is sewn simply:
1. On the microSD card unzip the file with the firmware.
2. Press the Home button and the Power button, wait for the robot to appear and release.
3. Wait until the end of the firmware process.
Comparative table of 8-inch tablets with IPS-matrices (popular models)

Pipo S2 and Cube U23GT are not included in the list, as there is no information that confirms that IPS matrices are installed there.
As you can see, Onda V811 practically does not stand out among competitors.
Operating time In test mode Antutu Tester, the tablet worked for about 4 hours:

That gives us a chance to use the tablet for about 4-5 hours under load.
Full charge time from 0% to 100% is ~ 4 hours.
ConclusionsPlus + good screen
+ good build quality
+ good performance
Cons - only front camera resolution 0.3MP
- quite heavy
- 2 vertical speakers
- no Bluetooth
Onda V811 is a good tablet with a great screen and high-performance platform Amlogic 8726-MX, the potential of which is well revealed in optimized firmware.