Review of the smartphone Oukitel C12 Pro: state employee in a new wrapper (6.2 ″, 2 / 16GB, 3000mAh).

Most recently, it was possible to note thatOukitel began to make a bias towards secure smartphones, almost without paying attention to the budget segment of mobile devices. But it seems they have not forgotten about them. Following the latest, and already, in principle, not so new, trends, the company now has just two new models: C11 and C12 Pro. And today we will talk about the second device. Already on the previews it is clear that the smartphone was endowed with a large display with a “bang”, which is, of course, a kind of business card of the model. What he is capable of and how he manifests himself in work:

Summary of the review:
- Box and package
- Design and build
- Ease of use and size
- Display
- Operating system
- Benchmarks, tests
- Cameras
- Battery
- Findings
- brand: Oukitel
- Model: C12 Pro
- sim cards: 2
- communication standards:
> 2G: GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
> 3G: WCDMA 900 / 2100MHz
> 4G: FDD-LTE B1 / B3 / B7 / B8 / B20
- Operating System: Android 8.1
- CPU: Mediatek MT6739, ARM Cortex-A53, 4 cores, 1.3GHz
- GPU: IMG 8XE 1PPC @ 570 MHz
- ROM: 16GB
- RAM: 2GB
- Memory card: yes (up to 64GB)
- Display diagonal: 6.18 ", 18: 9, LCD IPS
- Resolution: 480 x 960 pixels
- Front camera: 5.0MP
- Rear camera: 8.0MP + 2.0MP
- WI-FI: 2.4G
- Bluetooth: BT4.0
- Battery: 3300mAh, 5V / 1A
- Charging: MicroUSB
- Dimensions: 155.7 × 76 × 9.7mm
- Weight: 182g.
- Box and package.
While models costing more than 100dollars are shipped in more or less original packaging, the company continues to separate the budget in appropriate packaging. There is nothing wrong with this, the main thing is that the price be more attractive.
On one of the side faces is a sticker with IMEI numbers:
Behind the Chinese continue to wastefulspace. There is still the same non-informative sticker with the name of the model, which says almost nothing about the characteristics of the device, except for already understandable points, in most cases.
Inside the box you can find:
- smartphone
- Silicone Case
- Charger
- MicroUSB cable
- instruction
- warranty card
That is, nothing extraordinary.
The charger is only 5V 1A, which is not at allcan please. The company could easily organize a quick charge, having achieved at least something original and useful. Given that the smartphone has a 3300mAh battery installed, this would really be a good decision. But as usual. And they can hardly be judged for this, while Apple continues to follow this path in the same way (this is said with a sarcastic share).
In addition to modest charging, even Type-C was not delivered. You can be content with only microUSB.
The instruction does not represent anything of interest:
- Design and assembly.
The smartphone exists in several colors at once. In principle, many budget Oukitel try to stand out in color.
I have a purple version on my hands, and although it is not the most common color, it stands out by that.
However, the Oukitel C12 Pro is not the mostoriginal smartphone. For the most part, only a carelessly pasted protective film is most noticeable. If it is quite brief, then we just have a monoblock with rounded corners.

At the top of the faceplate in a compact way.There are light, proximity, LED indicators, earpiece and front camera. The full set and, most importantly, the indicator is not forgotten.
At the bottom of nothing remarkable.
As for the back of the smartphone, then everythingin a simple way: dual camera, single flash and fingerprint sensor. The lid itself is made of glossy plastic, but not at all so brand as you could get used to representing with this word.
The camera acts on a fraction of a millimeter and is framed in a dark steel frame.
At the bottom of the back panel is the company logo and mono speaker. Recently, this is a relatively infrequent solution, usually the speaker is set on the bottom.
And as for the edges: they are relatively empty parts of the corps inspected. Below is a single microphone:
Above placed headphone jack (3.5mm) and microUSB. And if the first pleases, then the second, not counting the connector itself, will not be to many people. Positioning the top charging slot is a strange decision.
The volume rocker and the power button are on the right side. The buttons in the eyelid are pressed with a distinct click and do not play.
Oukitel C12 Pro is a collapsible device. Since I was not aware of this, it made me happy. Exactly up to that moment, until I realized that a removable back cover does not always mean a removable battery. This is not the first time. But I have not yet found a clear explanation of the battery walled in the case.
But you can please two separate SIM slots and the same separate for MicroSD. Although in this model, the Chinese could not resort to the absurd system of two SIM cards / one SIM + memory card.
- Usability and size.
The smartphone has a display of an impressive diagonalin 6.2 "(6.18"), but due to its "framelessness", the physical dimensions were reduced to an acceptable level: 155.7 × 76 × 9.7mm. Although, about the thickness of a relatively uncumbered smartphone, one could argue. For some reason, the Chinese are not trying to reduce it to more common and even the usual 7-8mm.
But in general, the smartphone does not seem as shoveling as it could be. In the photo it can be compared with a small (by today's standards) iPhone 6S with a diagonal of 4.7 ".
Thanks to a plastic case with well rounded corners, Oukitel sits well in the hand. I do not think that the Chinese thought about ergonomics, but this model came out really comfortable.
- Display.
Oukitel C12 Pro got widescreen (18:9) the display, a diagonal even by today's standards - large (6.18 "). It's funny that the last figure is not rounded - either it really is, or the Chinese have tried to somehow stand out and attract attention. And they, in Actually, the display is true, it does not really deserve attention: even though the matrix and IPS are without an air gap, its resolution is only 480x996. Yes, it’s not even HD, and this is in 2018 for such a huge diagonal.
Therefore, the pixels can be seen with the naked eye.
But, as you can see, the corners of the display are rounded. Yes, and "Bang" looks more or less neat. All you need is to get used to it. I think today it should not cause disgust.
From far away, the display really looks likeconceived by the manufacturer, although not in the way it was shown in promotional photos. There, as usual, the smartphone was reduced in scope, making almost a single display of a smartphone. In fact, the frame is thicker, but still remain tolerable.
The maximum and minimum brightness at an acceptable level, the responsiveness of the display, too.
The colors and viewing angles correspond to the IPS matrix, which supports multi-touch up to 5 touches.
- Operating system.
As the operating system actsrelatively new Android 8.1 (Oreo). The Chinese traditionally could not touch the menu of applications, which made it transparent, and the multitasking menu. The rest of the android looks like it was intended by Google. That is why there is Google Now (left desktop) and a non-removable quick search string. There are no third-party applications, for which the company can be praised.
From the curtain there is the ability to record the screen:
The firmware with the security patch of August 5 and at the time of writing the review is the last.
In the settings you can change the location of the navigation buttons from the preset options, as well as there is a whole submenu with gestures. For the first time recently - this menu is translated into Russian.
The gestures are pretty visual and it seems everyone can find something interesting for themselves. For some gestures, you can even choose your own application, and this can be really useful.
For example, the unlocking of the screen with a double tap looks like this:
Although, in itself, the speed of unlocking does not make a good impression.
Oukitel C12 Pro exists only in the version with2 / 16GB of memory. There is also a fingerprint scanner. This is a necessary minimum for average use. In the settings there are no special differences from other smartphones of the company, except that the Chinese tried to add an adjustment to the display hue (the last two screenshots).
Despite such modest memory figures,The smartphone system works quickly and is not at all inferior to analogs with 4GB RAM. This is largely the merit of the operating system, which is already adapted for budget devices. Nevertheless, the Chinese have a little strained by translating a couple of menu lines and adding a few missing features. In general, everything is usable.
Given the considerable size of the display, without a buttonusing a smartphone to shutter notifications will be very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is here (included in the settings of the navigation bar). That's just the animation of its opening - is missing.
Continuing the theme of a widescreen display with a sad non-HD resolution - Youtube offers only 480p. In the horizontal position on the sides of the display are predictably black bars.
- Benchmarks and tests.
And now to the most interesting - this budgetmodel endowed Mediatek MT6739WW. This is a 4-core 64bit processor with an overclocked core frequency of 1.5GHz (relative to the stock 1.3GHz). On the "paper" - still nothing. Only here the video processor lays a share of doubts about the capabilities of the smartphone - IMG 8XE 1PPC (570MHz). Information on it is extremely small, and this at least means a possible lack of optimization in certain games. But it is, of course, not about the game - the smartphone is not for them.
And, apparently, not for the Antutu test, which he passcould not. At half the testing of the graphics processor, the program hangs. Tried a couple of times and nothing helped - to pass the test does not work. Although the program has information that the average score for this smartphone is 43k points. I doubt it very much, considering that this is the level of completely different fillings.
System information on AIDA64 version:
Other tests, fortunately, the smartphone passed. Therefore, if desired, the results can be compared with the data of adjacent devices. Geekbench 4:
GFXBench (in the second screenshot you can pay attention to the sensors present, of which there are not very many):
The memory (RAM and ROM) was also checked:
If the performance of the device leaveswanting the best, it was hard not to worry about the wireless interfaces. Fortunately, their problems are not affected. Wi-Fi has support for 5Ghz channel, so it’s not worth worrying about the crowded network space.
GPS turned on in a few seconds, then infor half a minute I was able to connect to 10 satellites. For a more open area than the city, the indicators should be even better, given that in the area of ​​visibility of their device is ~ 23.
Oukitel C12 Pro miraculously did not lose dignity inform of two SIM cards, together with a slot for a memory card. All this allows you to use it in full measure. There is support for 4G, the standard of which (and other types of communication) are listed in the specifications at the beginning of the review. The quality of communication is at a good level - despite the presence of only one microphone, it is enough for the interlocutor to hear you. In the same way, the conversational dynamics are enough for you to hear the interlocutor. In general, in Chinese devices, the quality of communication is often better than in branded ones, which I can judge from my own experience.
- Camera.
Probably, this item is even more interesting stuffing. After all, what could be expected to see in a smartphone for $ 70, having learned that it has two rear modules installed at once? You are right, nothing, as is the case, on the other hand, with more expensive models. While the second module is fake, the main one is announced as Sony IMX135 (8MP). He is already so many years old that, it seems, everyone already knows about him. The front camera is 5MP, but the manufacturer of the module was not disclosed.
The camera application has somewhat changed relative to other smartphones of the company, it has become somewhat more convenient, because all the settings are in one place. But it is no more functional.
And the application is very slow. Changing the mode from photo to video is so slow that you will have nothing to shoot before the opportunity arises. This is very sad, because it is clearly an optimization problem. Also, the picture on the display in dark rooms is displayed with the shutter speed with which you plan to take a picture - that is, it is very far behind, in other words - it slows down.

Therefore it is better not to expect anything from the camera.
You may notice that the upper right corner is a little soap.
Examples of images:
Video examples:

Download all originals (photo + video) can be on the link: Ya disk
- Battery.
The smartphone has a battery capacity3300mAh. This is not much, but even such a capacity is enough to provide a smartphone with a normal operating time, and given that the stuffing of the C12 Pro leaves something to be desired, the 3300mAh looks even encouraging.
Standby mode smartphone passed withoutproblems - for the night (~ 8 hours) only 1% left. Of course, it should be said that the maximum capacity lasts the longest, but in the further use I did not notice any problems with the melting charge.
In active use Oukitel C12 Prostretched a little over five hours of the included screen. At the same time, the connection worked, messages were received, the display brightness was at its maximum, videos on Youtube were played and several tests were launched. You can say - about a day is not very gentle use.
I drove the smartphone through specialized tests. In PCMark, in which the discharge was made from 100% to 20%, it turned out 6 hours.
In Geekbench, the full charge took 8 and a half hours. As can be seen in the graphs, there are no drops in the last percent, and this is very good.
- Battery.
- Modern appearance (tried the same)
- 2SIM + MicroSD, LED indicator
- Fingerprint scanner, smooth system
- 5GHz and good GPS
- Working hours
- Low display resolution (480x996)
- The stuffing for 2018 is weak
- Bad cameras
A state employee under $ 100 is always a strugglecompromises. The Oukitel C12 Pro is no exception. While on some points the smartphone is no better than a smartphone five years ago, somewhere it is trying to look modern. In the literal sense, because the only visible advantage of a smartphone can be considered only its appearance, or rather even the shape of the display. This is complemented by a normally organized system that will allow you to use your smartphone as a “light” workhorse: check email, watch videos and answer calls from two SIM cards. Enough time, it is worth noting - because in this mode, the use of the device will last for several days. And in standby mode, the charge does not melt just like that.
So, if you are ready to turn a blind eye to all the listed disadvantages, which consist of everything that makes a smartphone a “multimedia machine,” then the C12 Pro has the right to life.