THL W3 Dual Core Review

What kind of thl? THL is an internal Chinese brand, they only produce phones with Chinese and English, but our craftsmen naturally make custom firmware with Russian. Yes, they do a little with HTC and the design of phones and even the logo, font and a bit of an abbreviation, but on the other hand, and who is easy now? Well, okay, I will not praise them much, so as not to jinx it, let's go back to the review of the phone.

Select the phone. The last 2 months, I almost daily visited the forum and waited for the code, but the Chinese will release a phone that suits me in all characteristics. I read a lot of different reviews of phones, and later, I focused on 2 brands, ZOPO and THL. When they started to release phones with the MTK6575 processor in full, my hands were actively itching to buy something, but constantly something did not suit the phone. Having a tablet in my hands, I already had something to compare these characteristics with and I clearly did not like phones with 512MB of RAM, a battery less than 2000mach, a small screen resolution, etc. The THL W3 Dual Core turned out to be all right and on the first day of sales I immediately placed an order.
Phone photo

Phone Features THL W3 Dual Core

Opening the parcel. Initially, I even wanted to make a video review of the phone, but since I do not have a camera or a camera (rogue, aha), I just limited myself to video recording of the autopsy:
Body and appearance. The case material is plastic, the back cover is not glossy, and at the top and bottom there is a soft touch insert, and also, the soft touch is present in the form of a display border. The color of the phone is black, and painted plastic or not, and if painted, how difficult it is, I find it difficult to say, because until there are any scratches or chips. The back cover is opened by shifting down; from the second time I was able to move the cover with one hand. The lid in my opinion is still snotty, although there is no feeling that it is about to burst / crack / crumble.
The phone itself is not snotty, almost no creaks in torsion / spinning / kinks. Hold in your hand comfortably, does not fall out and does not slip. It looks quite solid.
Buttons. From the hardware buttons there is only on / off on the upper end of the device. And the volume rocker on the right side. In the lower part of the front panel there are 4 touch buttons. From left to right in order of location: home, menu ?, back, search. At first, this arrangement was unusual, because got used to the "home" button in the center. But by the evening of the second day of active use. Given that the buttons 4, in the center to make the button task is not trivial. The “search” button is not used by me yet, maybe I will reassign it to something often used.
With a detailed and meticulous examination of the hull, I personally did not find any gaps, surges, oboi, etc. Perhaps for the time being I am impressed, I'll stumble a bit later.
All buttons are quite convenient to use. There are no false positives as there are no underworkings. The disadvantage is the lack of illumination of the touch buttons in the dark. Until the phone is unlocked they are not visible. When the phone is self-blocking, i.e. you have just done something else, but lingered for 10 seconds, the screen diminishes a little, and the buttons go out completely. I think it can be cured by some patch or software, until there was time to investigate this issue in detail.
You can insert / pull out SIM cards and a memory cardonly after removing the battery. The memory card is inserted and removed very conveniently, which is not true about the SIM card. There is no problem to insert them, but it is extremely inconvenient for me to take them out. I do not attribute this to minus, c.t. I do this procedure about once a year.
A little about the "phone". I tried to call this phone, on the "normal" mode, the volume is moderate. If you switch to the "street" mode, yelling and vibrating as abnormal, i.e. The loudness of the speaker and the power of the vibrik did not cause any complaints. At the maximum volume of the ringing speaker, no rattling. At the maximum, the phone ringing is heard through 2 rooms. If the phone is in your pocket and at the maximum, when you call, you yourself start to dance and vibrate
The quality of communication is also not satisfactory. Interlocutors hear me perfectly and clearly, there is no extraneous noise and interference. I hear the interlocutors well and clearly, there is no interference. Although some owners complain that they hear the interlocutors poorly and have to ask again.
Sound. Headphone jack standard 3.5mm. The sound quality of the native headset suits me, as long as there is no way to compare it with KOSS Mirage (also with plugs) and KOSS PORTA RPRO (boy’s ears).
Let's talk about the screen.
I don't even know what to say about the screen exceptthat it is an IPS. I do not know how to measure viewing angles, but the picture is visible to almost 0 degrees, i.e. when you almost can not see the entire screen area, but only the edge. The screen backlight is uniform, no light is detected. Image quality ... and what could it be? Contrast is also at altitude. Considering not the smallest display and the resolution of 1280 × 720, when working with the phone, you simply enjoy the screen.
Indoors, the screen shows itself very well. And on the street is not very. In sunny weather, on the street the screen fades very much, almost nothing is visible. Now the brightness is on the machine. I will try to turn on the maximum illumination and check again.
About the size. 4.5 "is the maximum for which I agree, at least for today. Maybe I’m getting used to it and I want a larger diagonal, but obviously not now. I’m watching how people buy phones with 5" and 5.3 "and I’m a little surprised. If I miss the size of the phone screen, I use a 7 "tablet.
Camera. Video taken by phone
Photo taken by phone

The lack of optics of course negates all thesemegapixels, but the difference between the 8MP in this phone and the 3.2MP in Sony Ericsson is enormous. I tried to take a photo of the cable connector (photo below) using SE, the camera could not focus. Sfotal using THL without problems.
About the focus I want to say separately. To say that it just works - to say nothing. Focusing is just as cool as a phone camera. By default, it focuses in the center, but you can poke it in any part of the screen, and the device will focus on the object in that part of the screen. In the photo below (photo with the plug), if you poke it on the connector, then it is in focus, the rest is not. If you poke on the phone, which lies above the keyboard, the connector and fingers will be out of focus.
Battery. In standby mode, keeps well done. I do not do tests yet. There is not even 3 full cycles. In the meantime, doing something on the phone, the charge is melting right before your eyes.
Charging device. In my case, poor contact of the cable and phone connector. When the phone is lying on its back and if the plug is inserted a little upwards, charging is lost. Cured razbibom connector on the cable. We take the cable, hold the wide side to the top. Between the lower iron edging and plastic gently inserts a scalpel. Plastic is softer, so if you just insert it, it will burst, I burst closer to the right side. To avoid this, at the time of insertion of a scalpel, it is necessary to push them down a little, on the iron edging.
Now the connector is inserted tightly and constantly. Problem solved.

GPS Initially not wound up. As expected, the problem is not hardware, but software. It is treated by replacing / adding the gps.conf file to / system / etc /. Now works with a bang, satellites catches in 21 seconds.
Performance. I don’t see much sense in synthetic tests, so I don’t make them. But for those interested, I’ll say that in antutu the phone is gaining ~ 5000 points.
I'm more interested in the work of smart when heloaded. So far, I have not managed to get his brakes or hangs from him, everything flies. In System Tune Pro, turned off Performance Mode, when both processor cores are working to their full height, i.e. at a frequency of 1Ghz. Now, the frequency of the core grows only there is such a need, and if it does not cope, then the second core is connected. When nothing is started except System Tune Pro, one core at 250Hz is enough, the second core is offline at the same time.
Purchase. The phone was bought on, in the ugood store
I reached the phone very quickly. Hong Kong Post and Ukrposhta in this plan they rule


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