Kllisre DDR3 8 GB PC3-12800 for AMD only

Hello! I decided to replace the RAM in my PC with 2 identical strips, and at the same time increase its volume to 16 GB.
I did not find it in my city; under the order, 1 plank cost 3300 rubles. I did not want to spend 6600 r and I looked at Ali.
The memory from Kllisre of the required volume and frequency of 1600mhz was found, and since I have an AMD FX8300 processor, I saved and ordered 2 modules.

Also, the seller has a discount every $ 15, so I only got about $ 2,700 in rubles.
I had such a memory - 1 qumo bar and a Chinese bar for amd "Kingston"

Arrived quickly in the usual yellow package. Ozu is sold in boxes, sealed.

All neatly soldered

On the back side

Memory chips from Micron, D9QBQ

We install on the mat board (I have a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P)

We start - everything works. True frequency 1333 MHz, I manually set 1600.

In the properties of the system everything is OK.

Information about the slats and timings. Everything is standard.

Aida64 tests


It seems everything is fine, but running the game WolfensteinII The New Colossus, I realized that something was wrong. You look at the wall - everything is fine, the processor and video card are loaded as it should, FPS is high. But if you look at a picture that is more loaded in terms of graphics - everything, 8-12 frames, while the processor starts to stand idle. Similarly, in the game Call of Duty WW II.
I tried different ways - updated the driver, removed the CPU overclocking - nothing helped.
But as soon as I set the memory frequency to 1333 MHz, everything was fine.
Why so - I did not understand. I sin on some incompatibility of RAM with a mat. fee. On the other board did not check - there is no possibility.
Such is the RAM, it is a pity that it works incorrectly at the nominal frequency.
Thank you all for your attention and Happy 2019!